Welcome To My Blog!

I am starting this blog.

But what on earth is this blog about?  In case its name hasn’t given it away: it is about my two-bedroom blues.  And our family’s efforts to cope with said blues.  But not in a sad, complain-y type way.  In a let’s get this figured out and make it awesome kind of way.  See…fun!!

You see, almost 4 years ago my DH (that’s dear husband) and I re-located to Chicago and bought our first real “we own it for real” home: a two-bedroom condo in Evanston, IL.  We immediately went to work making it our own, painting every wall, hanging curtains filling in furniture gaps; I spent every moment I had planning and executing plans to make this place perfect for us.  Having been rather obsessed with design and organization for some time, I was ecstatic with the chance to see all my ideas in action in a place where almost anything was permitted design-wise because WE OWNED THIS PLACE!!  In fact, we were so focused on our decorating projects that we neglected to notice that, well, a two-bedroom condo in Evanston is SMALL!

Meanwhile, other friends and family of ours, NOT living in an expensive city, were able to buy starter homes that had real square footage.  And things like yards.  And bathrooms that are not sized like airplane bathrooms.  And bedrooms that could actually fit queen sized beds.

And then the house jealousy set in: we developed the two-bedroom blues.  Once, while visiting my older brother and his wife in Michigan, they showed us some houses for sale for the same price we paid for our two-bedroom condo.  They were huge!  One, they told me, actually had a ballroom.  An actual ballroom.  I’m sure these homes probably needed a little TLC and elbow grease, but STILL.

Somehow, however, we’ve managed to remain quite happy in our very small home.  Location IS important (nice neighborhood, walking distance to trains, restaurants, shops, etc.–you can see why we liked it!).  We’ve hosted many a dinner party, holiday party, and overnight guest–even with only our one teeny-tiny bathroom (I enforce shower schedules and have developed a way to mark each person’s towel since all our towels are white and exactly the same–more on that later).  My DH has done a lot to keep me happy despite the2bedroomblues by allowing me to hatch crazy plans for a large number of re-decorating projects, home improvements, and other more minor changes through the years..and then working tirelessly to help make my crazy plans become fabulous reality.

And then…we decided that the world needed at least one more person who shared our genes.  That’s right, we decided that adding a baby to our tiny home was a good idea.  Of course now that this baby’s arrival is fast approaching (due date: June 24, 2011), we’re starting to wonder how on earth we ever thought we could add another full-time guest to our tiny abode.  But I’m trying to think of this as a unique challenge.  Plus, I’ve never had a chance to design a nursery for myself or anyone else before, and that is pretty exciting.  I’ve done living rooms, grown-up bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more, but NEVER a baby’s room.  The cuteness possibilities really are endless!

So, stay tuned for more on the changes to our two-bedroom as we create a nursery space, find places for all our current possessions and all baby things to come, and hopefully feature some spaces from others’ homes along with organization and decorating tips.  Welcome!


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