I have CDs coming out my ears

One of the biggest challenges I’ve face in living in such a small space is my DH’s collection of CDs.  Now I know many an unclutterer fan who would suggest that we simply do away with any physical music storage (how outdated of us to still have CDs!) and convert completely to digital music, but my DH insists that this is unacceptable, as the packaging of a CD is integral to the complete understanding and appreciation of the album as a whole.  (Interestingly, I believe his entire collection is also digitalized on his exernal hard drive–he mainly actually listens to music via computer or ipod (or ipod connected to a stereo–but insists that maintaining the precious jewel case and jacket is very important.)

So you may wonder why I’d even call this an issue and think “how hard can it be to store some old CDs somewhere?”  Sure, most people still have some CDs hanging around that they can’t seem to part with.  But this is different, once you understand the volume I’m dealing with.  I have never actually counted the collection myself, but my DH estimated, when I last asked, that his collection had grown to around 2,500 CDs.  Seriously.  Try to imagine that.  I think in his perfect world he’d have a room entirely devoted to music listening and storage–walls lined with CD-sized shelving where he could have his beloved collection perfectly inventoried by genre and arranged alphabetically by artist.  For me, however, this brings up horrible images of mid-90s bachelor pad in my head–definitely not a serene space where the two of us could co-exist!  Yet, I understand his need to have his collection at least somewhat accessible, especially those related to his blogging.

So, one of my realities is that I have CDs stuffed into every corner of my home–the vast majority of which are fairly cleverly hidden.  Many are in CD boxes on bookshelves amongst the books.  Some are under our sofa (no one has any idea when they are visiting!).  Most of the ones that we both enjoy listening to (i.e. primarily the non-metal portion of the collection) are near our other media storage in our living room, again in boxes.   Many, however, were in CD towers in a closet, the door to which was behind a sofa.  My DH asked several times why we couldn’t have them displayed more prominently so that they could be more accessible to him (to his credit, they are all painstakingly organized) when he wanted to find a specific item.  Thus, we came up with the following compromise/solution.  We purchased a nice-looking, non-bachelor-pad-esque CD storage shelf from HomeDecorators.com that fit 1,000 CDs.  No, this doesn’t fit all of them, but it DOES fit a substantial chunk.  And rather than have them all displayed for all to see, I cleverly hid them by extending the curtain rod in the office and adding another set of curtains.

Here’s what it looks like (look familiar??  maybe from the top of this blog??) to our guests:

And here’s how this looks to DH, when he’s searching for one of his treasures:

Pretty great, right?  I don’t have to look at them, but DH totally can.  I think he’s been pretty pleased with the system, although agian, it doesn’t cover the whole collection unfortunately.  Perhaps if we had found a unit that went to the ceiling it would have been an even better solution, but even with this height it was hard to actually hide it without sticking out behind the curtain in an obvious way.

What solutions do have you come up with for storing CDs?


8 thoughts on “I have CDs coming out my ears

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