M&J’s LR: Part III

Just a quick update about our friends M&J and their upcoming new living room project I’ve been helping them with.  In my last post about the progress of this project I mentioned their affinity for whimsy, as demonstrated by the deliciously whimsical animal portraits they plan to hang alongside family photos in their new living room.  What I didn’t expect was their latest inspiration for their living room.  When they discovered that the fabric I suggested they use for throw pillows was unavailable when they trekked out to IKEA, they started looking for other options.  J sent me a few links, but I know that they are both excited about this one: from Target.  Spaceships!  What could be more whimsical??  Perhaps this is actually intended for a child’s room, but Dwell Studio makes some fabulous textiles, so I don’t see why kids should have all the fun.

So here is their updated power point slide, complete with the extra punch of spaceship whimsy (I also added a blown up animal portrait, just for fun!):

I’m getting SUPER excited to see all this actually come together in their new place.  Stay tuned!


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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