Now for the fun: decorating the nursery!

Now that most of the major renovations in the nursery are complete, it is finally time to start thinking about how we actually want to decorate the nursery.  Ha!!  Did I have you going there for a minute?  Okay, seriously, more honestly, it is time to start blogging about how I want to decorate the nursery.  The .ppt inspiration slide had existed since about January.  I’ve been holding out while dealing with the major renovations to allow myself time to change my mind (a common occurrence, as I’m sure my DH will easily confirm).  But the time has come!

We have decided not to find out the sex of our baby before he/she is born, so we’re definitely going for a gender-neutral nursery.  I’m not completely against some gendering of baby rooms, but DH and feel very strongly about the over-gendering of children, so in keeping with our values we’re not finding out our baby’s sex and we’re not going to go overboard with gendered baby items.  Besides, green is my favorite color and is perfect for a gender-neutral nursery.  I’m sold.  Now that the wall color is set, time to focus on some bedding for the crib!

As I’ve mentioned before the way I typically go about decorating a room is to find some textiles that really inspire me, and then pulling out colors from the textiles for the walls, furniture, accessories, etc.  Generally I don’t like to do more than 2 colors in a room (especially if they are very dissimilar) because I find can get pretty visually cluttered for me.  We also have decided to forgo the crib bumper.  I am totally not judging parents who decide to use them.  They do look nice, and if used correctly are not a super high risk item.  But we decided that it just wasn’t worth any risk–and given that bumpers can only be safely used for a short time, we didn’t want to have an extra thing to have to store in our tiny place!

Most nursery bedding sets have, in my mind, two strikes against them.  First, many are overly matchy-matchy.  I know that some people really love the idea of “easy” decorating–one stop shopping where you get all your crib bedding (bumper, skirt, sheet, crib skirt, comforter, etc.) that matches, along with a window treatment and a rug and a changing pad cover and that weird thing that is supposed to hold diapers (which I learned recently is called a diaper stacker) and “art” for the walls….and the list goes on.  However I find that these sets are often really tacky–at least to my own sensibility (again, not judging anyone who goes this route–it is just not for me!).  My other main complaint: cost.  Most baby bedding is sold in one bundle with the option to add on extra sheets or other coordinating pieces, but the basic package that includes the bumper etc. can easily run $500.  And for that you don’t get any flexibility really.  Everything is made to match making any deviation from someone else’s idea of what looks good almost impossible.  Some people probably like the simplicity of that, I guess.  But I find it boring!

So since we’re not doing the crib bumper–and given the prohibitive cost of some of these bedding sets we decided we’re definitely not going to purchase a pre-made bedding set.  However most crib sheets are solid colors; the pattern is usually found in the bumper–go figure!.  I thought solid sheets sounded a little boring, so I’ve done a lot of looking online.  Most of what I found was either uber-modern (which I liked in theory, but didn’t really want for the room) or waaaaay too cutesy for me.  Then I stumbled across this fabulous line of baby bedding from Caden Lane.  I just loved the mix of patterns and colors.  Definitely baby-appropriate but not parent-obnoxious.  Luckily, you don’t have to buy the set ($400!) to get the look–they also sell individual patterned sheets (yay!).  So added some crib sheets and changing pad covers from this line.  I’ve also ordered some fabric in two of these prints that just arrived in the mail.  I’m planning to use the fabric to make some pillows to go on the window seat and rocker to help tie everything together.

Now that the fabric has arrived we can decide on colors.   I already knew I wanted green for the walls, but green can be tricky.  I don’t want it to be too pastel, too bright, too sage-y, too seafoam-y, or too lime-y.  I want it to be happy but serene: I’m sure there will be plenty of pretty stressful times in that nursery (I’ve heard that babies do things like cry and spit up and get sick and poop a lot).  I also like the idea of doing some kind of accent color on the backs of the bookcases to help them really pop.  I could paint the backs to match the walls to help them just recede, but I think this is a perfect place to bring in an accent color.  I’m thinking that a light aqua might just be the perfect compliment.  We could then use the extra aqua paint in the closet, which I think would be very cute with all the white interior fittings we’re installing in there (more on that soon!).

So here’s the current inspiration .ppt slide.  I’m sure we’ll still do some tweaking, but this at least helps get the general idea across:

You can see in there  pic of the crib that DH’s parents are ordering for us as well as the rocker that should be arriving before too long (yay!).

Some things still to figure out include:

  1. What should the crib skirt look like and where should we get it?  Many are not sold separately from bedding packages.  Maybe I could make one??  Or check for a custom one on etsy?
  2. What to do for the window seat.  We know we want a nice cushion there for seating, but a nice box-seam cushion w/ piping is out of my sewing ability–and can be pretty expensive at a place like Calico corners.  Maybe someone on etsy can do this??  I’ll have to investigate further.  Also what color?  Should we coordinate with the color of the rocker?
  3. Layout of the nursery.  I’ve toyed with different options, but I think it will be hard to decide until we get some of the bigger pieces delivered.
  4. Wall art.  I actually have very few ideas on this one right now, but I’m thinking about it!
  5. Do we need any other furniture in the nursery?  We have some random things lying around that could be re-finished to look nice in the nursery, but again–so hard to know until we get the big pieces settled in there.
  6. Window covering: I’ve toyed with many ideas for this as well.  The current .ppt slide has a wood shade, but I’m worried that it might look too dark in the room.  Maybe we just need a simple white roman shade? Any ideas??

I’ll post updates soon once we get to painting!


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