Nursery closet dilemma

Part of The Plan for our new nursery involved moving the closet door (which was previously wedged in the corner of the room) to allow the built-ins to go in, and moving our large CD storage shelf into the closet.  Here’s the rough outline of the room’s layout before:

And now:

In addition to moving the CD storage unit into the closet, The Plan in my head had the newly configured closet retaining the already-installed upper shelves, but removing the hanging rod that went the length of the long wall and instead installing two new hanging rods on the short end of the closet like this:

However, once all the work was completed and the dust settled, we discovered that despite DH’s and our contractor’s assurances that this wouldn’t be an issue, the CD storage actually takes up way more of the closet than I had though, making the layout more like this:

And, because of how much the door needed to be moved, the contractor had to remove the shelves that were already installed in the closet.  So he wasn’t able to implement the original Plan, but he did, in the meantime, completely re-surface and prime the closet, so it does look brand-spanking new!  I’d take pictures of this conundrum, but the space is so tiny you just can’t see much when I try.

So this was the only disappointing thing (besides how long it took us to finish the cabinets!) about the whole project.  I was feeling really panicked about the whole situation upon our return from our babymoon.  A few sleepless nights, lots of internet research, and lots of time with my tape measure later, I came up with a new plan that I’m hoping will work.

The new closet plan rests on one very important dream of mine: I’ve always wanted nothing more than the opportunity to sleep directly next to my DH’s collection of heavy metal CDs?  HA!!  However surprising it may be though, that’s what the new plan involves.  Recall that I’m dealing with around 2500 CDs in my tiny twobedroom.  The rather compact CD storage unit I’ve shown before very efficiently stores 1,000 of them, so I’m not about to get rid  of it!  After scouring the entire condo with my tape measure, the only place I found that this unit could live besides the nusrey closet is in our bedroom, right next to the window..and right by my side of the bed.  Sigh.

Of course, there are still other CDs to store, but the nursery will still need to be able to store baby stuff and, most likely, office stuff.  So here’s the new plan I’ve hatched: purchase three Benno CD towers from IKEA in white and install them on the short wall, and then get some Elfa interior fittings to fit the remaining dimensions of the long wall–including hanging space and shelves (also all in white).  Each Benno CD tower fits 180 CDs, so we’re looking at storing another 540 CDs in a space that is only about 27″ wide.  Not too shabby!  I think with the rest of the CD storage that we already have in the living room, this should probably be enough (hopefully DH is reading this blog post…).  So here’s a pic of the new plan:

Of course, this makes it seem much more spacious than it actually is, but you at least get the idea.  I sure hope this solves the dilemma.  As much as I love DH’s CD collection, I am much more excited about the chance to hang up some adorable tiny baby clothes!  More to come…


5 thoughts on “Nursery closet dilemma

    • Yes, there is always Cheapo–that’s where DH heads each time we’re back in Minnesota! However the bigger issue is that DH doesn’t see most of these as “extra.” If they were, we wouldn’t be keeping them!

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