Amazing discovery! Custom IKEA slipcovers!!

If you are anything like me, you probably have at least a few pieces of furniture in your home that hail from that gigantic blue-and-yellow beacon for bargain furniture hunters: IKEA.  Yes, I’d say there are a huge number of strangely-named sofas, tables, and chairs hanging around in many a home (what is an Ektorp??  Or a Henriksdal??) of those in my age range and income bracket.  Unfortunately some IKEA furniture is also a hallmark of unkempt, smelly dorm rooms.  It has always seemed to me that you have one of two choices when it comes to choosing a slipcover for anything that you buy at IKEA–you can either go with something boring and safe (although sure to look pretty darn classy) or you can decide that you want your living room to look like a dorm room.  Maybe there are a few out there than can pull off some of the uber-modern textiles on some of these IKEA sofas without evoking memories of pot and old socks, but I’ve found that it is pretty hard to pull off!

We have been the proud owners of several IKEA items over the past few years.  We currently own several Ektorp pieces (corner sofa, chaise lounge, sleeper sofa) as well as some great dining room chairs from the older Henriksdal that I LOVE.  Although the corner sofa has worn a few different slipcovers through the years, most have been pretty boring–white, beige, etc.  For larger pieces like that, I find that solid colors often duo work best in small spaces.  However, every once in a while I think I’d like to take things up a notch with a more exciting slipcover on a smaller piece, like a chair.  Actually, we were thrilled to find our office chairs (the newer Henricksdal chair with the wider seat) to replace or mismatched ones in our office.  The black and white pattern worked really well in our teal jewel-toned office that we sprinkled with black and white accents.  Before we had these chairs, things looked pretty boring and jumbled.  Just for fun, I found this VERY old picture from while we were still figuring out what to do in the office:

(FYI I just love that there is a red sled on top of the bookcase; this must have been shortly after we moved.)  Anyway, compare that to how it looked until recently, with the new chairs with black and white slipcovers:

However, now that our office has to be located somewhere else in the house, these slipcovers just don’t work with our other color schemes (sniffle!).  Yet I’ve looked at all the slipcover options at IKEA for this chair, and they just seem so boring and limited.  We actually already have white “alternate”slipcovers for these chairs for when these need to head into the dining room for larger dinner parties (usually there are only 6 chair in the dining room).  So we’ve been using a safe white one in the meantime.

Then, while scouring for someone who could make us a window seat cushion (see why here), I stumbled across a seller that does custom covers for IKEA furniture!!  How exciting is that??  The seller has lots of different fabric options and styles available; however, I didn’t see anything that was the exact combination of what I was looking for.  A quick convo with the seller later and I came to find that she also has a separate website with expanded options (!!!):

I haven’t made any decisions yet, but I’m really fond of this cover.

Further investigation into this amazing feat of creativity in sewing landed me at another site that also does custom IKEA covers:  What luck!  So many options!  And so much less expensive than replacing my perfectly fine furniture, or paying someone to upholster my pieces (trust me, I’ve considered it!).

I forwarded these sites on to my sister with some suggestions.  She’ll be moving before too long and is looking to update her living room color scheme.  Sounds like she’s as thrilled as I am!  Such exciting times for our well-loved IKEA furniture!  Has anyone else found good sources for  IKEA slipcovers?  Has anyone ever bought one from one of these sites?

 **Update: There are two others that have popped up since I posted this that are worth checking out! and and


22 thoughts on “Amazing discovery! Custom IKEA slipcovers!!

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  2. Gillian, this is a very helpful blog! We have the Lillberg sofa and love seat with white covers. Now that little Lucy is all over the place, they seem to be smudged with all different sorts of things from left over PB & J to red crayon that she somehow found. We just brought a new rug for our living room which is darker red with gold tints. Any suggestions on a new fabric color from the

    • Oh how fun! My first suggestion (without knowing any more about the room) would be to go with one of their more neutral but textured options, like the sand beige cotton panama. But if you give me a bit more info about the room I could probably make a more specific suggestion. What color are the walls? What else is in the room? How do you want the room to feel? If you have a minute to send me a pic, I’d be happy to make some more suggestions! Cheers, G

    • Hi Paula! I’m not sure what you mean by “previous” slipcovers, but so far we’ve only ever purchased slipcovers from IKEA. When I originally bought our sofa back in 2005 I purchased a sage green slipcover for it. Later on, we purchased a white one, and now we have the current one which is a medium beige. I hope that helps, but let me know if you have other questions!


  3. Hey there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Just a serious heads up about Last week I purchased a slipcover through their website. After checkout I was sent to a page with an order number and received an email confirmation of payment received from Skriill/Moneybrokers, but received no confirmation of the order from eSlipcovers. I thought this was strange. I logged into the account I had set up with eSlipcovers and noticed that the “my orders” page showed “no orders”. I emailed eSlipcovers, but I’ve never received a response (their customer service page claims they will reply within the hour!). It has been 5 days since my original email and subsequent emails have also gone unanswered. They have no phone number. Their online comments form does not work (it says to try again later). Their Facebook page has a comment from a woman who got similar non-responses back in May. This company is located in Lithuania and I am really worried that this company is a scam and that I’m now out $300!

      • Just a follow up. About a week after I posted my comment, I got a reply from eSlipcovers apologizing and saying that they were having IT problems and they asked if I still wanted to go ahead with my order. I said ok and since then my subsequent correspondences have been answered within 24 hours. The slipcover has yet to be shipped, but I’m a little more cautiously optimistic than two weeks ago, so I will let you know how the order turns out.

      • Just a final update on eSlipcovers. I did finally receive my slipcover for our Karlstad and it fit perfectly and looks awesome. Turns out it was worth the wait and a few headaches. Would recommend this company with the caution that their customer service is a bit sloppy. Did take 7 days and a few emails to get a proper confirmation of my order and it took about 6 weeks to ship and never did appear on my accounts page on their website. Also, when the item shipped I received an email saying it had shipped, but no shipper description or tracking info. The company is a subsidiary of a larger textiles firm called Lincasa and I get the impression that eSlipcovers has a nice website, but a skeleton staff. But hey, they do produce awesome slipcovers.

    • Hi I just ordered a cover for my Ikea couch from and I was wondering how long it took for you to receive your package from when they sent you the shipping confirmation email. I’ve been having a little trouble getting them to respond to my emails as well. Also, did you have to pay any extra for customs etc? Did you have to sign for your package? I don’t want it stolen from my front door if I’m not home!

  5. Hey guys! Henry from Comfort Works here, thought i’d shameless say hi and promote ourselves a little bit 🙂

    We make ikea sofa covers as well, but we’re mostly a sofa cover specialist; so we can pretty much build a slipcover from scratch even if it’s a Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel or Restoration hardware even. Come and say hi at

    Henry, The Client Service Dude 🙂

  6. Hi there! i think this is an excellent post allowing you to compare fabrics and prices of different slipcover providers. I suggest one more:
    Try it out. Especially the City collection looks great. Finally some modern patterns ! 🙂

  7. I buy online only from reputable and trusted sources. I have bought Ikea covers from, and (when it was still alive). Made some inquiries to others as well, but they failed to respond in a timely manner…

  8. I too am skeptical about eslipcovers. I placed an order and got an error message saying my credit card info was not correct. I double checked and yes it was entered correctly. I typed everything in again and hit enter. Same error message. The only other time something like this happened was from a company in china that was not legit. I filed a complaint in the US and got a replacement credit card. With eslipcover you need to submit your name, address, phone number and a password *before* entering the credit card or paypal info. In other words if this is not a legit site, they collect your personal info upfront and possibly your credit card info too. The company is located in Lithuania which is known for high levels of fraudulent activity. To be safe you may want to order from a different company. That said, I did order sample swatches and they were delivered–it took longer than the two weeks they promised but it did get to me.

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