Nursery closet update: a win-win!!

In my efforts to squeeze every last inch of space out of our tiny 2bedroom, I often underestimate just how small our space is.  That’s sadly what happened with our nursery closet (read about that here).  Luckily, I’m always scheming, and I think that we’ve worked out a do-able plan for the tiny closet to allow storage for baby stuff AND more of DH’s CDs.  When I last left off we were trying to implement this drawing of the closet layout:

We (I) had a great time designing the Elfa interior for the hanging space and shelves during a recent trip to the container store.  Unfortunately, our space is just slightly smaller than a standard 4-foot closet once you include space for the CD towers.  But I knew we needed them in there and luckily those amazing people at the Conatiner Store can design an Elfa closet into just about any crzay space you throw at them!

While painting the nursery walls and backs of the new built-ins, my DH also painted the interior of the closet the same lovely shade of light aqua that we used on the backs of the bookcases.  Post-painting, we had this beautiful (tiny) closet space to work with:

It is a little hard to see just how yummy this shade of aqua is, but trust me–it is delicious!  You can see it a little better on the pics that have the bookcases:

We have now successfully installed the Elfa shelving and discovered something interesting.  Even for someone like me who loves to organize, there is such a thing as too many shelves.  Once we started to actually hang the shelves, we quickly realized that we didn’t need quite as many as we had purchased.  Luckily, we were assured that we could return any pieces we didn’t end up using (seriously–I do not get paid to say this, but the Container Store really is awesome–and they have pretty fabulous return policies).  So at least one of the top shelves is going back, along with some other random bits we didn’t end up needing.  We had our contractor install the tracking (we wanted it to be very very secure so we weren’t ever worried about it falling down!), but still have lots of left over wall anchors and other types of hardware because the Container Store sends you home with several different kinds for different kinds of walls (unused anchors can be returned too!).  So after so re-adjustments of our shelves and hanging rods–and a lot of finageling of those IKEA Benno CD towers, we now have a closet that looks like this:

(I couldn’t help but hang up one of the adorable sleepers we were recently given as a gift.  I’m going to say that it is to help the viewer get a sense o the scale of the closet, but that would be a lie.  I really did it simply because baby clothes really are just too cute to ignore!)  So where are all those extra 500+ CDs hanging out?  Well, if you put your head into the closet and turn it to the left, you’ll see this:

Pretty well hidden, eh?  But still more or less accessible for DH.  We did discover that orienting all of the CDs vertically was problematic for the CDs that were close to the sheves, but changing the orientation of those CDs to horizontal seemed to do the trick.  It isn’t perfect of course (nor is it the entire room devoted to CD storage that I’m sure DH dreams about most nights…) but it is better than anything else we’ve had so far.  Plus, he’s pretty darn excited about the baby and is more than happy to share his space with his offspring.  And I’m happy that the CDs are not immediately visible when I open the closet; all I (and anyone) will see when I open the closet is a bunch of cute baby stuff.  Win-win!  In fact, I’d say that I actually love this plan even more than the original one! I should note that we’ve decided that we just don’t need the final shelf above the Benno towers (our contractor still has supplies for this so we’ll just have him return them).   They are already 80 inches tall, so we just don’t think we’ll need to use that narrow space for much else (although I suspect that DH may start stacking more CDs on top when I’m not paying attention…

Next step: moving in all the baby stuff.  We have now had 2 of 5 baby showers, but so far we don’t have a lot of giant stuff to store, so we’re doing okay.  Plus, there are of course the huge drawers of the built-ins and the cabinets on the left side of the window.  I think for now we’ll mostly just put like things together wherever they fit, and then once we’re through the showers we’ll decide where we want everything to live–hopefully some time before baby arrives!


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