Baby gets a new bedroom…does that mean I do too?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been considering ending my 7-year love affair with red bedrooms.  For a couple of months now I’ve been itching to try out a new color scheme, and I’m out of rooms to decorate in my 2bedroom.  Although I still do love red, I think I’m wanting to try something a bit more soothing.  In a way, I liken this to my tastes in music changing over time; I used to be able to listen to and enjoy much faster and louder music than I tend to gravitate towards now.  I still remember coming home in high school and blasting Rammstein…and then falling asleep!  The red bedroom is a bit like Rammstein for me: I still love it but I might choose something else to wind down with at the end of the day.  As a point of reference, is is my Red/Rammstein bedroom currently:

My thoughts about a bedroom re-do have been mostly that I’d like to do something slightly more sophisticated–something that feels more like a hotel or spa.  I want the bedroom to feel like a retreat from the craziness of my life.  And I suspect that DH and I might need this even more once we enter newparentdom!  However, as usual I do not have unlimited funds with which to make over the room–especially after we’ve already taken on the rather expensive office-to-nursery project (read more about that here).  So I’m trying to re-use and re-finish as much as I can that we already have, and spend the small budget that I do have strategically.

Although I haven’t quite decided exactly what I want to do in the room, I have had lots of ideas.  I know that I want to try something in the blue family, as I’ve definitely been on a blue kick lately.  I’ve also read in several design magazines that one way to help a small house feel bigger is to keep a similar color palette throughout the house.  Although I could never be expected to keep one strict color palette throughout my entire house (too many ideas!!) I have been noticing a theme in my decorating ideas lately where I’ve really been gravitating towards shades of blue and green.  Sound familiar?  Like maybe what we’re doing in the nursery??

So far over the past few months I have developed three powerpoint inspiration slides.  All of them involve some of the same elements: keeping the existing furniture, painting over the red, bringing in some blue, and bringing in new textiles and accessories.  They also all involve giving me a chance to try something I’ve always wanted to try–and accent wall!  I’ve seen so many accent walls done well, but I’ve always been nervous to try one.  All three schemes are inspired by a textile that I found that I loved (surprised?  Of course not…).  Here is idea #1:

I saw this duvet cover in a West Elm cataloge and it really grabbed me.  I love the combination of shades of blue and green.  I don’t always gravitate towards florals, but I like that modern feel of this one.  I never want my bedroom, where DH also spends  a lot of time, to be too girly!  But he did give this one his stamp of approval.  I also imagine this color scheme would look great with some re-puprposed glass bottles (wine bottles, etc.) used in the accents.  Ideally, this plan would involve finding a great somewhat rustic-looking shelf to hang above the headboard where I could display an assortment of accents bottles and pictures.  And for sure a nice, plush, rug would be in order!

Here is idea #2:

This one was inspired  by these fabulous pillow shams from Pottery Barn.  I like the time-worn look of the pattern and the complexity of the colors and the idea of pairing this great vintage-y floral with some crisp hotel-like linens with simple lines for a nice mixed look.  I also thought a great geometric tone-on-tone rug would really complete the hotel-y look.

And, finally, here is idea #3:

This one is inspired by this duvet cover, which I came across accidentally while looking for hotel-like linens for inspiration slide #2.  I saw it and actually gasped out loud and made DH come over to check it out.  We have a rug with this pattern already in our living room, and I totally love it.  I’ve always been drawn to simple patterns like this on a white background (a lot like the current duvet cover!).  I had a lot of fun with this inspiration slide–using design ideas I never thought I’d go for–gray walls and, again, an accent wall.  I really like the idea of a very simple color palette–mostly shades of dark blue to peacock–with lots of white and gray.  I would then make sure to seek out lots of shiny accents like glass and different silvery accents.  I also like the idea of bringing in more varied textures since the color palette would be pretty simple.

So, can you tell which one I’m leaning towards?  Which one do you like best?