Our new bedroom, Part II

I my previous post, I presented the three new bedroom options that have been kicking around in my head over the past few months.  I even set up my very first blog poll!  Did you vote?  Did you guess which one I have decided on??  If you said #3, then go pour yourself a beer/cocktail/glass of wine!  Here is #3 again, in case you missed it:

Since I initially developed this slide, and while I was still on the fence about which scheme to go with, I was browsing my favorite blog and came across one of their “tear offs”  here:

This picture totally sang to me.   It stopped me in my tracks.  It really was love at first sight.

This picture immediately sold me on #3.  Doesn’t the color scheme seem a lot like the inspiration slide for bedroom idea #3??  See how it has the same kind of accent wall and mostly white color scheme, with lots of textural interest?  I’ve decided that this photo will work alongside me and the .ppt slide to inspire the new bedroom as I move forward. It has already planted the idea in  my head of having just a couple of bright lime-y green accents, like the flowers on the table in this picture.  Maybe a nice soft throw?  A velvet accent pillow?  Some kind of silk flowers?  I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out in the coming weeks for the perfect accent pieces.  My new inspiration slide now has just a bit of lime in it–an a slightly darker accent wall:

So what’s the next step?  Well, as I always like to start my rooms with an inspiring textile, I’ll be needing to get that fabulous duvet cover in-house soon so I can start planning around it.  Luckily, while cleaning out some of our storage areas recently I came across a couple of duvet covers with whom I had had brief love affairs.  Both had some red in them.  Both were fabulous.  But neither ever compared to the one I’ve had forever from Pottery Barn (I still absolutely love that medallion print!!) that is currently in the bedroom.  To my delight, we were able to sell these two like-new duvet covers on Craigslist, earning enough to cover the cost of the new duvet cover pictured above, so my next step is to order the fabulous new duvet cover.

I was actually already able to pick up some white grommet drapes while we were at IKEA last weekend.  We needed two sets for a total of 4 panels, and luckily the ones I really liked were only $19.99/pair!  Why do I need four panels for a room with only one moderately sized window?  You may have seen this previous post about my need to create some concealed CD storage in the bedroom since the original plan for putting our large 1,000-CD shelf into the nursery had to change.  So the extra two panels will help to conceal the1,000 CD shelf in a way similar to what I had previously done in the office.  The good news is that if I can pull it off, I will have actually increased the amount of much-needed CD storage by about 540 spots.  (In case you haven’t seen any previous posts, my tiny 2bedroom is home to my DH’s 2500+ CD collection; yes, I know music can be stored digitally and so does he; no, he is not going to significantly decrease his collection any time soon; yes, he does use them–he’s a music blogger.)

So, why grommet drapes?  They are another thing I’ve always wanted to try, and I’m thinking that they might be easier to move across the rod than the (home-made) pocket panel curtains I have in the room now.  We have a brushed-nickel curtain rod from the previous CD concealment job that I’m hoping will work with the grommet drapes.  It is a little bit bigger in diameter than a rod one would typically use with grommet drapes, but I’m hopeful.  I’m definitely going to do away with the very dark curtain rod that is currently in the bedroom, which isn’t nearly long enough for my new plans and won’t fit with the new color scheme.

Other than that I’m still scheming some of the particulars.  I’m also trying to figure out when the heck we’re going to have time to re-paint the bedroom given everything else we have going on before the baby arrives.  And how we’ll do it with all the furniture crammed in there (see below–we have two giant wardrobes in there in addition to a dresser, queen-sized bed, and nightstands):

But I’m pretty motivated.  So if you know me personally, don’t be surprised if I ask for help…


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