Using inspiration slides: living room example

By now many of you have seen my “secret weapon” when thinking about designing a new space or re-designing an existing space: the power point slide.  Here’s an example of my ideas for our friends M&J’s new space:

And another example–my ideas for the new nursery design:

I thought it might be fun to feature one from an older project: our living room.  When we initially moved in, the living room was VERY dark.  It was painted dark purple.  Seriously.  Now I know that any color can be great under the right circumstances, but this room just did NOT get enough light to make a dark purple room work.  Here’s a pic in the middle of the day:

Initially, I went with a very “safe” color scheme: green and white and red–similar to the bedroom, but with mostly green and only some red accents.   I don’t have any really great pictures as this is  many years pre-blog, but this one can help you get the general idea (taken during our first Christmas in Chicago!):

However, I quickly changed my mind about the green with red accents color scheme and decided I wanted something more nature-y.  So I went forward with replacing the red accents in the room with brown ones (starting with the rug in the above picture).  Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any pics of the space during this period!  So you’ll have to use your imagination!  That green/brown scheme lasted awhile, but I eventually decided I needed a rather large change; I’d had this mostly-green color scheme in my last place too and was starting to tire of it.  I wanted something less “safe.”  Something edgy-ier and more fun.  Then, my design itch got pretty intense while helping design a new bedroom for a friend when I created this inspiration .ppt for him:

I loved the pattern on the duvet and rug that I found for him, as well as the shades-of-blue color scheme with the bright pop of orange (if I get a picture from him sometime of the finished room, I’ll be sure to post it!).  I definitely got the itch BIG TIME to try something similar in my living room.  At this time I was also becoming completely obsessed with Amy Butler fabrics, so I knew I’d want to use some of her designs for accent pillows in the room.  Interestingly, I hadn’t really created .ppt slides for projects in my own house before this point, but I ended up needing to create an inspiration power point slide for this project because when I tried to describe my plans to DH, he thought I was crazy.  And I knew I couldn’t pull it off without him (he reaches all the tall spots on the walls, moves the heavy stuff, entertains me, etc. while painting!).  So here’s the inspiration slide I came up with to show to DH–not just to convince him that we should completely re-decorate our living room, but also to make sure that I wasn’t doing anything too crazy that he’d end up hating.  After all, we both live here!

Remarkably, I think this is the closest I’ve ever come in a .ppt slide to what the actual room would eventually look like.  Here’s a current pic of the living room.

What do you think?  Pretty similar, eh?  Even down to the Amy Butler pillows I had a ton of fun making–and that rug that is so fabulous…that I stole from the inspiration .ppt slide for my friend’s bedroom.  Of course I have big ideas about making some changes, but that’s never a surprise!  I still love this overall look, but I do like to try new things.  If only I had more time before the baby comes!!


10 thoughts on “Using inspiration slides: living room example

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    • What do you want to know? I think that these are just two trays we purchased many years back from Target. We use them all the time if we’re eating in the living room. We also often use them when entertaining to bring around drinks or collected discarded dishes and glasses. Or, when I’m working from home, I do actually make myself a pot of tea and use the tray to set up a tea cup and cream alongside the pot. They’ve seen better days (they’ve been cleaned millions of times by now) so we often put down a place mat to help them last a little longer. What else do you want to know?

      • Yes that is it! Thank you so much! I was wondering is yours the Slate/Ivory color and also if yours is the 7’9 x 9’9?

      • I’m not entirely sure that the color we have is the “slate/ivory” (I can’t remember!). But it does look like it. Although I have to say that in person it is much more gray-blue that what I’d call slate. I think we purchased a 5×7 size, which doesn’t appear to be available anymore, which is too bad. Let me know if you need more info though!

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