Amazing Discovery: paintable wallpaper!

As the plans come together for our new bedroom, I’ve been toying with different ideas for the blue accent wall I’m super-excited to try.  For reference, here’s the latest inspiration .ppt slide I’ve created for this project:

I’ve collected paint samples but have yet to decide on the specific paint color for the wall.  I’m currently awaiting, with baited breath, the arrival of this fabulous new duvet cover (or, more honestly, I’m awaiting the arrival of the second one–amazon seems to think it was delivered last week, but we’re yet to see it…).  Once I have it in my possession (where it will get many, many hugs) I can find the best blue to go with it.  I don’t think I’ll be trying to match the blue exactly, but I’ll probably choose something pretty similar.

What I have decided on, however, is that a plain-old blue wall doesn’t fit with my “adding lots of textural interest” plan for the space.  And I’m a little worried it will absorb all the light in the room.  So while browsing the paint colors at Home Depot and Lowe’s, I started looking at the display of faux-finish painting techniques.  I had this idea that I’d want the wall to look more like it was covered in grasscloth or linen or somehting.  However, the more I looked into these paint finishing techniques, the more I was convinced that this was outside of my skill…and patience…level.  The “linen” finish involves using a brush from the ceiling to the floor, necessitating a seamless jump from a chair or stool (!).  And everything I read said I should be practicing this a bunch to perfect my technique before attempting to do it for real.  Um…how much time do these people think I have?!?  Also, being pregnant and all, the jumping on and off the chair seemed like a bad/impossible idea, which means I’d be asking an awful lot of DH or a friend!  Alas, I abandoned this idea and began to search for another option.

I thought that perhaps there was a wallpaper out there that would work, but I was really worried that my color options would be quite limited.  Or that I’d find something that would be crazy-expensive.  Looking for “grasscloth wallpaper” returend many beautiful options, but all were in neutral shades–not really what I had in mind for my dark blue accent wall!  With a little more searching however, I discovered something I’d never known about: paintable wallpaper. Seriously.  Does everyone out there already know about this?  Was I the only one in the dark?!?

Apparently the idea behind this stuff is that you get a great textured surface that can then be painted ANY COLOR YOU WANT!!  ANY COLOR!!  This is so amazing.

I have to say that I’m totally falling in love with the idea of this stuff already–not just for the new bedroom, but for lots of other projects in other people’s houses as well!  It comes in a HUGE variety of textures, including ones made to look like antique tin tiles, bead board, and brick!  Interestingly, Target appears to sell a nice selection of paintable wallpaper (I had no idea Target sold wallpaper!).  Here are some fab examples from their selection online:

Of course, I’m not looking for anything quite this ornate for this project, but these really are beautiful!  Luckily, I think I’ve found just what I’m looking for.  Here’s a pic of the linen paintable wallpaper what is shown online (the right pic shows a more up-close view of the texture):

Wouldn’t this look so beautiful painted a deep shade of blue??  I really hope so, because that’s my plan.  I believe I’ve found the perfect way to add some textrual interest to my accent wall and will keep a  positive attitude about my ability to learn to hang wallpaper in the meantime.  The good thing is  that I only need to paper one rather small and regularly shaped wall, which means I can get by with just one roll AND hopefully learn how to hang wallpaper on a rather easy project.  It can’t be that hard right?  I mean, it was all the rage in the 80s and 90s!  I’m thinking that if we have questions or concerns we can always call DH’s parents; I know they did a lot of wallpapering in the 80s so I’m sure they are experts!

Anyone else out there already gone down this road?  I’d love to see pics of other projects completed with paintable wallpaper!  Or, is anyone inspired to try this?


5 thoughts on “Amazing Discovery: paintable wallpaper!

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  2. How did this turn out? This is the product I’ve been thinking of ordering from target to cover some old ’90’s wallpaper tat refuses to come off but I’m worried about the seems lifting or being visible when I paint it. Please let me know how it went for you. Thanks and congratulations on your baby! mary

  3. Awesome!! Used it to cover a 12 foot wood cornice trimmed with corner molding. I painted it the same color as the drapes. Very regal looking.

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