New bedroom updates: duvet and knobs!

I thought a quick update post might be in order about the new bedroom I’m planning to try to implement for DH and I before the baby comes (read more about it here).  To recap, I’m hoping to totally transform our fabulous-but-tired-of-it red bedroom, which currently looks like this:

To a fabulous new blue-and-white color scheme (with pops of lime) that looks something like this:

I’m making plans like crazy (including trying to finagle a Memorial Day weekend extravaganza with friends, including wallpapering and painting…and grilling + beers, in hopes of getting the heavy lifting and painting done soon).  In the meantime, however, I’m moving forward with some of the stuff I can do in advance.  So far, I’ve collected paint samples, purchased the curtains and new sheets, and…drum-roll please…the fabulous new duvet cover has arrived!!!  Here’s a pic I took of all these things together:

Oh, and do you notice, off to the right there that FABULOUS shiny knob?  That little guy is another thing I’m super excited about.  You see, in addition to my obsession with textiles, I also have a bit of a knob obsession (dare I say fetish?  Sure, fetish, but without the technical sexual connotation…).  Anyway, I LOVE knobs.  I think I’ve replaced all the knobs in my home at least once by now.  In fact, I’ll probably do an entire post devoted to my love of knobs.  For now, suffice it to say that I could shop for knobs for hours without getting bored.  I am super excited about getting these new knobs onto the dresser in the bedroom.  In fact, maybe I’ll go change them right now…


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