Getting crafty: making my own burp cloths

So, an alternate title I toyed with for this blog post was “What do YOU do with your old underwear?” but I was worried I might be a little off-putting.  Perhaps I should explain.

After we cleared our first trimester with the fetus, we decided that this whole baby thing was probably going to stick and thus that we should probably start figuring out what kind of stuff we’d need for the baby.  We also knew that eventually our wonderful family and friends would want to start buying some gifts for us and the baby, so we’d need a registry.  For those of you who have gone through this before you probably know that unless you have incredibly conventional tastes, it is hard to register at a place like Babies R Us or Target because they just don’t sell that wide a variety of brands of things.  Many of the things we knew we wanted (from our fairly extensive research) were not available at these stores, and given our tiny 2bedroom space constraints, we really didn’t want a bunch of stuff we didn’t really want or need.  So we decided to use an online consolidated registry at (I think does something similar, but we really liked using Wishpot).  This allowed us to direct friends and family to a site where they could see everything we wanted and needed, how badly we wanted it, and where they could order it online.  They could then reserve the item and go and purchase–so no duplicates!

One thing that I found particularly exciting about this was that I was able to register for a few things from  (If you have never been to you HAVE to check it out.  It has some of the most amazing thing and it is so nice to support people who are still hand-making things.)  Anyway, a friend recommended that one thing we had to make sure to get lots of were burp cloths.  I wasn’t finding any super great options online that weren’t crazy-expensive (and it seemed like a waste to spend a lot of money on something that is basically a place for a baby to vomit on….).  So I checked and found TONS of handmade, adorable burp cloths from multiple sellers and registered for a variety in shades of blue and green (to match the nursery LINK I was hatching in my head).

Interestingly, as successful as our registry was overall in getting us what we needed/wanted for the baby, no one chose to purchase any of the items we registered for on…which meant no burp cloths.  I realized that most of these were just prefolds that had some embellishment, so I toyed with the idea making my own–but at the time I was so crazy busy, I just decided to wait and order some from Etsy.

Then, while making DH and I go through our closets and drawers to try to find stuff to get rid of (which we do at least 2-3 times a year), DH created a huge pile of socks and boxers that were never favorites of his.  (Of course there were plenty that just went straight in the trash!).  I just felt badly throwing these things out because all were still in quite usable condition–they just weren’t getting used by him.  But I also felt super weird about putting underwear in the donate bin.  Luckily, the socks were taken very quickly by someone on Freecycle (these were actually a strangely popular item on Freecyle).  DH really wanted to just toss the boxers, but I really loved some of the patterns on them (lots of blues and greens!) and was sort of sad to part with them.  It then dawned on me that these might make some nice burp cloths.  I don’t know how the idea came to me, and I’ll admit it is a little weird, but I also thought it was a little brilliant.  DH wasn’t really thrilled about the idea, but said said we could think about it.  I folded them in a nice, neat, pile, and set them in the closet for a month, hoping I’d have time to return to the project at some point when DH was less weird-ed out by the whole idea.

That some point was this past week.  I ordered a dozen infant-sized cotton prefolds (we’d already gotten the ones we’d use a diapers, so I got a slightly less expensive set for this project) for about $14.  These will serve as the base for the cloths, and the pretty fabric from the gently-used boxers will serve as the embellishment down the middle.  I’m so excited to start this project, even though I’m not sure how DH will react when he sees his underwear being cut up and pinned to diapers…

I’ll post again soon about the actual process and feature some pics of the whole thing.  I can’t wait!

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