Kitchen quick-change

Although I often have really strong opinions about what I do and don’t like, that doesn’t mean I can always make a decision.  An interesting (okay, interesting to me) example involves thinking back to the time when DH and I were registering for wedding gifts–about 5 years ago now.  One of the things we really wanted to register for was KitchenAid mixer.  We were both still developing our cooking and baking skills, but we were convinced that every proper kitchen needed one of these beautiful powerhouses of productivity.  The only problem was that we couldn’t decide on what color to register for!  They had a great bright green color which I loved, but also a fabulous red one, which, of course, I also loved.  And DH was much more interested in the attachments (ice cream maker??  Yes please!!) than the color of the mixer, so unfortunately he wasn’t much help.

The bigger issue was that I knew we’d be moving soon after the wedding, and I just couldn’t decide if I wanted a green kitchen or a red one in our new place.  I was paralyzed with fear of making the wrong choice.  Eventually I did register for some green kitchen towels that I’d had my eye on at Williams Sonoma, but other than that mostly registered for neutral kitchen stuff.  And, luckily, I was saved from actually making this impossible decision because we eventually decided that we just didn’t have room to actually store a KitchenAid mixer in our 1 bedroom apartment.  So with some heavy sighing, we just decided that the mixer would be something we’d purchase for ourselves down the road when we would hopefully have  more space–and theoretically more clarity about what the heck color we wanted in our kitchen.

Yet moving did not solve the kitchen-color conundrum.  When we got to our new place in Chicago, we were (okay, I was) still torn about what color scheme to go with.  So I decided to try both of them out.  I found a few key things (some towels, oven mitts, colander, etc.) in both colors and tried the green for awhile first.  This was during the summer when we first moved.  And I LOVED the green.  It was so cheerful in the sunny kitchen.  However, by late fall, I had decided that I still wanted to try the red out.  So we swapped out the green stuff for the red, and know what?  I loved that too!  Especially as we were heading into the holidays the red just felt so festive and warm.  However, by the time spring rolled around the next year, I was starting to tire of the red and was ready for green again.  DH just shook his head at me and laughed.

So you know what I decided to do?  I decided to not decide.  Yes, that’s right.  I actually change my kitchen from green to red and back to green and then to red again on an ongoing basis.  Sure, I’ve been teased for this, but I’ve actually found it quite liberating–and the changing of the colors has sort of become a way to mark the change in the seasons for DH and I.  We switch to red when we start getting excited for cold-weather comfort foods and the holidays, and we switch to green when the first signs of Spring are upon us after a long (sometimes VERY long) winter.

So, from last fall until sometime in March, our kitchen looked like this:

And then, one nice Spring-y day, we changed it to look like this:

You can see that I’ve changed more than just a few things like I did in the beginning.  I now have some different dishes that I display in the glass cabinet, and we also switch the rugs and curtain.  We even switch the art on the walls.  I case you’re ever feeling as crazy as me and want to try something similar, I actually store the out-of-season picture behind the one that shows so that I don’t have to find a separate spot to store the pics when they’re not in use (and look–you can’t even tell!).

You might wonder why, if I changed the kitchen over in March, I waited until almost June to post about this (awesome/crazy) changing of the colors on the blog (okay, probably no one really wonders that…).  Well, the sad truth is that I realized while doing the swap that I had somehow shrunk my green curtain, leaving it to look very silly and too-short!  This was exceedingly embarrassing for the new blogger in me.  So I actually waited until I could find a suitable replacement!  Here’s what the too-short curtain looked like when I put it up:

I’m not sure how that happened–but I guess I must have not pre-washed the fabric!  I really liked this curtain, which I made just for this kitchen door window shortly after we moved.  But I figured that if I had made a curtain for it before, I could do it again.  The problem was that the original stripe-y fabric was no longer available anywhere, and I was having trouble finding something similar with the right intensity of green that DH and I really liked.  Finally, I decided that maybe I should forgo the stripes and try a new pattern in the kitchen.  DH and I looked a bunch of fabrics online and a few in person, and finally decided on this one (which I ordered online from JoAnne with a coupon I also found online).  Luckily the new curtain only set me back about $20 for the fabric.  Here’s the new and improved curtain, once again:

See?  Not too short at all!  We actually love this one even more than the striped one–we both think it is super-classy, which is nice for a place where some not-so-classy things sometimes happen (mounded piles of compost, for example).  Anyway, that’s the story of the two personalities of our kitchen.  By keeping the rest of the space very neutral, I’ve been able to enjoy two of my favorite color schemes and celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Oh, and whatever became of our KitchenAid mixer color conundrum?  We decided to get the pewter-colored one.  It goes with everything.  And the ice cream maker attachment is totally worth it.


8 thoughts on “Kitchen quick-change

  1. I’m also glad to hear that you like the Kitchen Aid ice-cream maker attachment. I’ve been thinking about getting it…Do tell more about it, if you have the chance.

  2. We used it a couple of times last summer (we didn’t actually get it until last winter). We made both strawberry rhubarb and salted carmel ice creams. Both recipes came from Cooking Light and were FABULOUS. The only issue we have it that you have chill the bowl in advance, and it can be hard to find space in our tiny freezer. But it is always worth it!!

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