Nursery closet storage solutions

It has been quite awhile since I posted about the closet in the nursery, where I was trying to eek out enough space for our baby stuff along with some of DH’s thousands of CDs (read the last post about that here).  The last pic I posted showed a newly painted and Elfa-ed out closet with only a single item of baby stuff in it (the CDs were already in place):

As we anticipated, after having had 4 of our 5 baby showers (not to mention having had our baby Sydney!) we actually have a fair amount of stuff to store now.  Interestingly though, we have yet to fill up the space completely with baby stuff, so I’ve been able to use it to house some non-baby stuff as well.  However, I definitely wanted to make sure to keep the look of the closet uncluttered and keep it within the overall design of the rest of the nursery.  So as we were cleaning out other spaces I collected no-longer-needed storage baskets and boxes to potentially re-purpose in the nursery and/or nursery closet.  Here’s what the closet looks like now (please note that it is still a work in progress!!):

Sadly, as you can see, the closet is still a bit of a dumping ground for things we’re not sure yet if we want to keep and use somewhere in the house yet (see the IKEA lamp and the candle holder on that middle shelf?  Yeah…that kind of stuff).  But the closet really is coming along, and it has definitely been functional for us.  I used one of my favorite techniques that I use in adult closets to help create a more cohesive look: I have arranged the clothes by color using identical (in this case, white plastic children’s) hangers.  Here’s a closer up pic:

Another thing I did to help us stay organized was to sort the clothes we received by size.  Right now, I have only hung up the size Sydney is currently wearing (newborn) and the next size up (0-3 months).  The best part?  I was able to get these fabulous closet rod dividers from the container store to help divide the closet!  Here’s a closer pic of one of them:

Pretty great, right?  Perhaps this is overkill, but I think they are adorable and they have helped me stay organized.  Another taken-from-adult-closets ideas I used was to put a laundry basked on the bottom of the closet to hold dirty laundry (you can see it in the second picture in this post).  Usually with an adult closet I do two baskets side-by-side (one for lights and one for darks) but right now all the baby laundry gets done in one large load (except for diapers) every other day, so I haven’t yet needed two baskets.  Oh, and those home-made burp rags?  Those are definitely getting plenty of use!  (Read more about that here and here).

I was able to store some non-baby stuff–and make it blend in–by re purposing some baskets we had purchased several years ago from IKEA.  I added some hanging tags, and these baskets now hold extra chair slipcovers and my knitting projects (although those are very, very, unlikely to be touched any time soon, so those might have to go!).  I also really liked the colors and design of one of the boxes that one of our gifts came in (I think it was some of our cloth diapers) so I added an adhesive tag and am now using it to store wipe refills.  Hooray for free storage!!  Here are these storage solutions up close:

And for those of you worried about DH’s CD collection, have no fear: the CDs are safe and sound (although admittedly some are a little hard to access…) in the closet.  Here they are peeking out and wondering why the heck there are a bunch of baby clothes suddenly blocking their view!

So that’s what’s going on in the nursery closet.  There is still more to do though including deciding what to do with all the miscellanous items in the closet (and either move to another area or find a way to make them blend in) and getting some hooks for the back of the door.  But for now we have a working (pretty darn cute, in my opinion) nursery closet for Sydney!  Hooray!


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