New Bedroom: the big reveal!

A lot has changed in our bedroom since my last post about my ambitious plan to turn our red bedroom into a more spa-like retreat for DH and I.  When I last posted, the bedroom was still red:

My plan was outlined in this .ppt inspiration slide I created (this is also the new bedroom idea that won the most votes!):

Thanks to a ton of help from some fabulous friends, we now have a lot of the major work completed in the room.  Three of the walls are now a warm light gray, and (drum roll please…!) I have my blue accent wall!  I must admit that I had my doubts bout this whole accent wall thing–and especially about the paintable wallpaper–but I am incredibly pleased with how well it all turned out.  Here’s a pic of how the room looks currently (ignore how dark it looks–this was the only chance I had to take pics and it was late in the day–it is much brighter during the day!):

It is a little hard to get the full impact of how cool this paintable wallpaper looks, but here’s a closer-up pic that shows the texture a little better:

One of the biggest changes you’ll see is the addition of more curtain width.  Recall that this was part of my nursery dilemma–part of my need to hide obscene amounts of CDs in my home.  It is a little easier to see in this pic:

So, did you guess what’s hiding behind all that extra width of curtain?  (Hint: it is not a new window.)  Yes, that’s right: 1,000 CDs!  Here they are uncovered:

In addition to the wall color change and new duvet, I’ve been trying to bring in more silver accents, which I have done a bit of so far through swapping out the hardware on the furniture in the room, adding new switch plates, and bringing in a bigger silver mirror.  As I mentioned in this post I was able to get some large clear acrylic and silver knobs for the dresser.  I had wanted to get some REALLY BIG knobs for the dresser, but all the ones I really liked were definitely out of my price range (most were like $35 each–which adds up to over $200 when I need 6 knobs for the dresser, and I’m pretty sure that this dresser, which is from IKEA, cost less than $200).  Besides, I had promised myself (and DH) that I would only re-do the bedroom if I could do it on the cheap.  So I settled for these knobs, which are still fabulous, even though they’re not as large as I had wanted.  I picked them up from Lowe’s for $6 each–definitely much cheaper than the ones I’d had my eye on!  Here’s the before pic of the dresser:

And here’s the newly decorated dresser with the shiny knobs:

Here’s a close up since they are a little hard to see in this pic!

In addition to needing to swap out the hardware on the dresser, I also had two knobs on each wardrobe and two on each nightstand.  Again, since I was trying to save money, I decided to get some similar, but smaller and much less expensive knobs, for the remaining 8 needed knobs.  I had already purchased from Target some clear acrylic and silver knobs a few years back for the dining room, and the price was right for this project as well (a 4-pack was only $12 (these were on sale when I bought them–usually they are $14), making each knob only$3!).  So I ordered 2 packs of these beauties and replaced the knobs on the wardrobes from these standard-issue IKEA knobs:

to these:

These are a little hard to see too, so here’s a close-up:

And the knobs on the nightstand went from these (again, standard-issue IKEA knobs):

to these:

Pretty big impact for $24, eh?

One of my biggest cost dilemmas for this re-do so far was finding a large enough mirror for the space.  I didn’t really like the mirror that had been in the bedroom previously so I was excited to replace it.  Here’s a pic of the wardrobes and dresser with the old mirror (in the red bedroom):

However, all the large silver mirrors I was finding that I liked were all well over $200–again, way out of budget for this project!  I searched all my usual places, but just couldn’t find a really big mirror with a silver frame that was inexpensive enough.  Then, one day I randomly stopped into a Big Lots.  I’d never been to one before, and I must say it was a really weird place.  BUT I did discover a very large silver-framed mirror for sale…for $35!!  That baby practically jumped down from the display and followed me home.  Here she is in her new home–in the new color scheme (notice the reflection of the blue accent wall!):

So that’s the big reaveal.  Of course, the project isn’t finished yet.  I DID just have a baby after all!  Still on the new bedroom to-do list?  Add in some accents!  As great as I think everything turned out, I think it is still lacking some pizazz.

  1. I’m still planning to add something over the headboard of the bed and definitely need to bring in a bit of bright green as an accent color (probably with throw pillows on the bed).
  2. I also would like to add in some more textural interest, although I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do it!
  3. I’m thinking of removing the grid pattern from the wardrobes.
  4. I’m considering adding a shade to the window (in addition to the curtains).  Maybe this would be a place to add that textural interest!?!
  5. We still need a rug!
  6. There are still some places that need to be touched up with paint.  For example…

In the meantime though, we are  really enjoying the new look of the bedroom.  It is very serene and still cozy despite the cooler color palette.  More soon on the actual process for the accent wall in case others would like to try something similar!  Comments?  Questions?  I’d love to hear what you think!


12 thoughts on “New Bedroom: the big reveal!

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  7. Found your link on the Houzz page on paintable wallpaper, and I love what you did to your bedroom. What a difference a change of color makes! I’ve just papered the lower walls of our bathroom with a paper similar to yours, but in a thin, textured stripe, and I was wondering if you used a roller or paint brush to apply the paint on your blue accent wall. Was worried that a roller might fill in the grooves between the stripes.

    • Hi Carol-

      We used a roller with a thicker nap (the kind that usually says “for textured surfaces.” I think we only had to do one coat so the paint didn’t seem to cover up any of the texture. I suppose you could always test with a small piece if you have any extra you didn’t need for the wall application! Good luck. I’d love to see pictures!


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