Itching to update the living room!

It is that time again.  Yes, indeed, I have an itch to update our new living room now that it is our living room/office (read why here).  When this itch hit I knew that DH would put his foot down about doing any more painting (and even I have to admit to myself that taking on another painting project right now would be insane) so I knew I had to stay within the confines of the current color (light blue).  And I am actually totally fine with keeping the blue because I really do love it.  Seriously.  But I have started to tire of the orange accents and would like to do something a little calmer with the space (again, this is probably related to the whole new baby thing…).  The current living room looks like this (read about the design for this room here):

To be perfectly honest, this picture is a little old.  To get a more accurate picture of what the room REALLY looks like currently you’ll need to picture it with lots of baby stuff strewn about.  But this was taken just before our little bundle of joy popped in on us rather unexpectedly.  Anyway, as I said, I’ve been itching to do a bit of an update to the design of this room probably ever since we moved the office into the living room to make room for the nursery.  Here’s a pic of new office corner, with the fabulous IKAT chair I snagged from HomeGoods for the desk (I still can’t get over that fabulous nail head trim!!):

I think part of what started my re-do itch was that I didn’t think the bright blue on the chair went with the rug we already had in the living room as well as I had expected.  DH actually solved that problem for me with one brilliant suggestion: move the living room rug into the nursery!  We had been looking for a rug for the baby’s room but weren’t finding much that we liked.  I LOVED the idea so into the nursery it went (more on the nursery soon–I promise!)  Anyway, my new plan for the living room involves removing the orange and replacing it with more shades of green and blue (sound familiar?  Yes, I know, this is similar to what I planned for the nursery!).  I also plan to re-upholster the ottoman which has a rather large tear in it from years of use.  I’ve never re-upholstered anything, but I figured it was less expensive than buying a new piece, and if I’m going to try to DIY an upholstery job, I may as well start with something as simple as a cuboid shape!

Here is the inspiration slide I have created for this new and improved living room that has been kicking around in my head:

Okay, so it looks a little weird scale-wise, but the elements are there.  It has the fabric I’ve chosen for the ottoman (that’s the random square in front of the sofa) and the fabric for the pillows (the random squares on the sofa).  I’ve also swapped out one of the bird prints for the print that was previously above our bed (more on the new bedroom here).  And there is a new rug in town: we’re looking to get a shag-style rug in white to add some textural interest to the space and to make it cushier on our feet.  The extra padding will also be nice when we work out at home.  I think this will be much better for sit-ups that the previous rug which was beautiful but not very plush. And with a new baby, I think sit-ups at home will replace a few of our nights at the gym anyway!

But what is making the biggest impact in the new room design??  Notice the sofa?   It has a new slipcover on it!  Yes, that’s in the plan as well.  I’d love to get the new gray slipcover for our corner IKEA Ektorp sofa.  We love our sofa and want to keep it around as long as possible, but I think a new cover might be in order soon to go with the re-design.  As soon as we have the money that is.  These slipcovers are not cheap–but they are way less expensive than a new sofa would be!

Other ideas I have for the space include painting the corner lamp frame (currently black).  I’m thinking a hammered silver-y color would look really great.  I’m really on a shiny kick these days, so any way to bring in more shine is on the table!  DH and I have also discussed adding a few more pieces of framed art to the space–perhaps some prints from our pre-baby travels?  I’d also love to eventually get another side table for the room (we only have one currently) but again, that might have to be down the road a bit due to cost.  At least for now I can focus on the new ottoman and pillows.  Wish me luck!!

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