New Nursery for a New Baby

**Note: I apologize if you saw this as a blank post for the past few days. I just have to vent my frustration that this took me a week to get up because of technical difficulties–I had to re-create this post about dozen times.  This also means that much of the wit originally included has been culled to save my sanity!!**

Many of my posts have focused on the transition of our two bedroom home from a bedroom-plus-office to a bedroom-plus-nursery in anticipation of our new baby (read the original post here).  I haven’t posted anything about the nursery itself in quite a long time, which may make some of you wonder where the heck the baby has been hanging out since her debut.  So I’ve figured that a nursery update, with pictures, was in order.  It isn’t quite finished yet, but it has come a long way indeed!  Here is the original inspiration slide I created for our gender-neutral nursery:

The main idea I had for the space was to make it a baby-friendly room that was also parent-friendly.  DH and I wanted it to be colorful but classic–fun yet classy.  So we decided on a green and aqua (actually, many shades of blue and green) color palette.  Here is the current inspiration slide now that we have an even better sense of what we want to do with the space:

To review, originally this room was our home office complete with his and hers desks.  It also doubled as our guest room where we hosted numerous out-of-town guests on our pull-out sofabed from IKEA.  Here’s a picture of our office before the transformation started:

The biggest change to the room was the addition of built-ins surrounding the window.  We had a radiator cover/window seat, cabinets, drawers, and bookshelves custom built for the space in order to maximize space usage in this tiny room (see the original layout here).  We also painted the room and the backs of the bookcases to go with our color scheme for the nursery.  Here’s what the space looked like after we had the built-ins installed and DH finished painting everything:

And here’s a pic of what the room looked like once we added back in books, a changing area, a glider, and a bunch of baby stuff:

The bookshelves were a difficult thing to arrange in a way that would fit with the aesthetics of a nursery.  Perhaps it isn’t obvious from the pictures, but the books on the shelves to the left of the window are mostly DH’s books for grad school.  And nothing says “nursery for a sweet baby” like books about things like genocide, right??  But, alas, the books had to go somewhere in our tiny 2bedroom, so I did my best to help the books blend in.  First I arranged them by color for a more streamlined look.  I then punctuated the book lineups with green boxes that contained small baby gear (hats, rattles, etc.).  Then, for the book sections that did not fit with the color scheme of the room very well (red, for example) I propped up children’s books, picture frames, and stuffed animals strategically in front of the books to help these sections blend in better, and to make the space feel more like a nursery and less like a Political Science library.  Of course I wouldn’t need to use stuffed animals to hide DH’s copy of “Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy” if we had a bigger house, but that’s the reality of the 2bedroom!  And, honestly, I think it works pretty well and looks pretty darn cute.

Here’s a closer-up pic of some of the shelves (yes, I know you can still see the over-sized book on the bottom shelf entitled “Private Security Contractors at War;” I haven’t yet found a good place for that one!):

So, moving over to the other side of the nursery (where we actually have the crib).  As you can see, it still needs some work:

Obviously, we need to get some stuff up on the walls!  We’ve already decided to move the large bird print from our living room into the nursery because we’ve noticed that whenever babies visit our home, they love to look at this picture!  We just need to paint the frame white (a black frame seems a little somber for a nursery) which shouldn’t be too difficult as it is a metal frame.  With the bird print going above the long side of the crib, we still need to decide about what to do on the long blank wall behind the glider.  I’ve been eying two options at  One is this fabulous magnolia tree wall decal:

And the second option would be to hang a series of about 4 of these adorable art pieces, like this robot one (DH loves robots!):

And this numbers one:

And this bird one:

At first I was leaning towards the magnolia tree decal, but I’m a little worried that it might be too much busy-ness going on with all the stuff on the bookshelves on the one wall, so now I’m leaning towards the series of pictures.  I think it will be more expensive to get 4 prints plus frames, but we might be able to at least re-use the frames down the road and switch out the art once little Sydney outgrows the nursery prints.  I might even be able to get a good deal on frames at IKEA, which would be great.

We also need a side table for next to the glider, and I’ve got a few ideas for that already (all I need is a little time…ha!).  I hope you weren’t thinking that that tub of don’t-quite-yet-fit non-maternity clothes was going to suffice!

Even though things aren’t “done” yet in this view, I am really happy about the way the crib looks (thanks, once again, to DH’s parents!).  I love the bright white crib against the green wall.  I also love that even though the sheet and the crib skirt were from two completely different lines (Caden Lane and Land of Nod, respectively), I love the way they go together. I like that the stripes in the skirt complement, but do not compete with, the geometric pattern of the crib sheet.  I also love the groovy light we found at IKEA for the room.  In addition to providing really nice light and being easy to turn on  and off (there is a foot switch),  I love that the pattern of the shade picks up on the other patterns in the room from the fabric on the sheet, changing pad cover, and pillows.  It is a little hard to see in the picture, so here’s a pic from IKEA’s website:

Finally, here is a pic of the other view of the nursery, pre-re-do:

And here’s what it looks like now!

So that’s the big reveal of the nursery!  Perhaps it is a bit anti-climatic as it isn’t quite finished.  But in the meantime I’ll be posting about some of the nursery projects, organization solutions, and fun finds from  More soon!


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