Nursery Project: refinishing a side table

When finally posted some pics of the new nursery I’ve been working on for Sydney, I mentioned that I still needed a side table to put next to the glider (the plastic tub of non-maternity clothing just wasn’t cutting it in terms of style or functionality):

I had many ideas of what kind of table could look cute there, but all the ideas I had had up until recently required me to buy a new table.  Even at IKEA prices, it was more than I wanted to spend given how much we’ve already spent on the nursery (and all the other baby stuff we didn’t know we needed until we actually had  the baby!).  So I was thrilled when it dawned on me one night that while down in one of the storage units in our building last winter I saw a bunch of orphaned furniture–including a cute nightstand.  So I bugged DH for weeks about it and finally he and I went to investigate and confirm that my memory was correct.  Sure enough, the table was still there, collecting dust and looking lonely.  I knew that it probably did not belong to anyone who still lived in the building, but just to be sure we sent around an email to everyone in the building asking if it belonged to anyone; we also asked the board members who had lived in the building a long time if they knew who it belonged to.  We certainly didn’t wan to steal someone’s table!  To my delight, it turned out it had belonged to someone who lived in the building and had moved out years ago.  So the consensus was that it was up for grabs–and I think others in the building were thankful to be getting some of the extra stuff cleared out of the space!  (I actually also have my eye on the mantle that I also found down there, but that’s a story for another day.)

DH was kind enough to bring the table up from the storage room for me so I could get a better look at it.  After cleaning it off I knew it still needed work, but I think it will be perfect for the space once I’m done refinishing it!  It has a drawer and a shelf, but is still pretty “leggy” and thus won’t take up too much visual space in the room: perfect!  Here’s a pic of my “diamond in the rough”:

Clearly, this is an older piece–I’m guessing maybe from the 60s?  The shelf liner paper inside definitely screams 60s (I have big plans to swap this funky paper for some lovely Amy Butler paper when I get the chance)!

I love that this FREE table is s-t-u-r-d-y!  And I just can’t wait to get my hands on it–obviously the color and dated paint job need updating.  I’m planning to sand it down and re-paint it, and perhaps update the hardware.  The problem is, I can’t decide what color to paint it: white or aqua?  I’ve seen tables similar to this on, but I’m just not a fan of this style of painted furniture:

I’ve also seen side tables with similar lines but painted more modern colors like this one painted white:

And this one in aqua:

I’d also consider green as an option, but I think that because it would be against a green wall, it wouldn’t “pop” enough.  I like the idea of white because it would match the rest of the furniture (crib, built-ins, etc.) quite nicely.  But I also like the idea of having the table not match completely…thus the aqua idea.  I still have both colors left over from the built-ins.  We painted all the built-ins white, but painted the backs of the bookshelves aqua:

It is a little easier to see the aqua color in this pic:

I’d like to not have to buy new paint for this project, but I’m a little concerned that if I go with the aqua color that it will be too light.  So I really am stuck!  What do you think?  Cast your vote for white or aqua and help me decide!

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