Nursery Finishing touches

I recently posted the reveal of the semi-finished nursery, but I wanted to share in more detail some of the “finishing touches” that I particularly like (I have put “finishing touches” in quotation marks because there is still a lot to do!).

1. Rug

Does the rug in the nursery look familiar?

Like maybe from…here?

Yep!  I took DH’s suggestion (from this post) and moved it from the living room into the nursery.  What a great idea it was!  I love that the rug isn’t overly cutesy, yet it totally goes with the rest of the more geometric patterns in the room.  I think that when Sydney is a little older she’ll definitely enjoy playing on it because of the bold pattern (maybe the white lines could be roads??).   At least in the meantime DH and I can still enjoy this rug–it is definitely one of our favorites!

2. Pillows

I mentioned a few times that one of the reasons I went with bedding separates from Caden Lane was that I could purchase extra fabric that matched the crib skirt, changing pad, etc., to make extra stuff for the nursery.  Here’s what the fabric looked like once it arrived (nestled in with the paint samples):

I so far have turned some of the fabric into pillows–two for the window seat:

And one for the glider:

I’ll post a tutorial soon on making these easy-off pillow shams (perfect for nurseries or any place that gets messy!) for anyone who hasn’t done it before.  It is super easy!

3. Bulletin board

I also used the extra fabric to make a bulletin board.  We needed a place to display some of the really nice cards people had been sending us following Sydney’s birth, so I thought this would be another great way to use the extra fabric to help tie the room together. This is what the closet door looked like, pre-corkboard-makeover:

I made the cork board by stapling three cork board squares together and then covering the whole thing with fabric (which I secured by stapling the fabric to the back side of the cork).  I then affixed the board to the closet door using  using 3M hook adhesive strips:

Then  used fun push pins to pin up some of the cards!

4. Knobs

Oh, knobs.  Such a love/hate relationship lately!  The day before I went into labor with Sydney I found the perfect knobs for the nursery at Anthropologie.  They were larger-than-average, which was good because the drawers are really big, and the color (clear-ish aqua) was exactly what I was looking for to go with the rest of the nursery design.  Even though I had had some trouble with Anthopologie knobs in the past I just couldn’t stay away!  I was unsuccessful in finding anything nearly as awesome online or in any other store I went into, so I gave in and paid $8/pop to get the 8 knobs I needed for the nursery.  They didn’t actually get affixed to the drawers and doors until a few weeks later (I blame the baby!) but as soon as I did put them on, I loved them!  Here’s a pic:

Perfect, right?  Don’t they go phenomenally well with the rest of the nursery?  But wait…what is wrong with this picture?  Do you see it?  Perhaps that two of the knobs are missing?  Um, yeah.  After having the knobs on for only a few days, one knob pulled completely off its screw.  I was bummed, but figured I could just exchange the knob for a replacement; no big deal.  Except that a few days later, another knob pulled completely off.  At this point I had to attribute the knob failure to a design flaw rather than to pure bad luck.  Literally, the actual body of the knob was GLUED to the screw.  I have no idea who thought that was a good idea, but I’ll bet he/she is not making knobs any more.  So, it was back to Anthropologie with all eight of these beauties.  Then, after much indecision and pacing around the store (and with lots of help from DH and my sister who really wanted to go get dinner), I finally decided to exchange the flawed knobs for these instead:

They were the same price, so it was an even swap which was nice.  I must admit that I don’t love them quite as much as I loved the first, flawed knobs, because these are much more “girly” in my mind (when I bought the original knobs, I didn’t yet know I was having a girl!).  But I’ve come to terms with the girly-ness, and these are pretty darn sweet.  Also, I didn’t realize this in the store, but I think theses go great with the pattern of this changing pad cover.  Luckily, these knobs are much sturdier–just what I need for these oft-used drawers.  They’ve been on for a few weeks now, and these babies aren’t going anywhere.

5. A tiny bit ‘o art.

One thing that DH and I love to do in the summers is hit up the local street festivals and art shows around the Evanston area.  At one such art fair we snagged this fabulous little bird print (it is hard to see, but the bird is actually wearing tiny bloomers)!

I added some aqua and white paper for matting and put it in an inexpensive IKEA frame and popped it on the wall.  I love that the bird looks a little cross yet is very cute–which is kind of what a baby is like at times!  This pic makes it seem pretty big, but it is a pretty small picture.  This picture shows much better the scale of it:

There it is–off to the right above the light switch!  This birdie reminds me that there is still a fair amount to do, including re-finishing the frame of the large bird print we are moving from the living room into the nursery.  Hopefully I can get that done (along with all the other projects I’m cooking up in my head that I need to do outside!) before the weather gets too cold.

What do you think?  Have you had fun making any textiles for a nursery?  Found any great art prints this summer?


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