Antique-store finds from Stillwater

DH and I recently took little Sydney on a trip to Minnesota to meet a bunch of our friends and our (and now her) relatives; we all had a great time.  One place we had the pleasure of visiting during our trip was the lovely town of Stillwater, located on the St. Croix River.  DH and I used to take a yearly trip to this mecca of antiquing and B&Bs and I would scour the shops for the perfect non-pink teacup to add to my collection.  We had very fond memories of our trips there and so we were excited to have the opportunity to go again.  Although I would have loved to have had more time (and to be less encumbered with a stroller–many of those aisles are quite narrow!), I still had a great time.  There were tons of things that tempted me, but my rule for antiquing is that anything I purchase must have a use and be reasonably priced.  The latter requirement prevented a large number of purchases.  I saw a plethora of beautiful Fiestaware bowls in fun shades of blue, green, and aqua, but most were selling for over $200.  Um, no thanks!  Even in the less organized booths (the ones with tons of mostly crap piled high) I definitely saw some ridiculous prices on things!  Yet I had a great time pawing through the piles and inspecting bowls and vases and textiles, comparing colors and prices, and just getting lost in thought (DH was kind enough to take the baby for awhile so I could peruse the narrower aisles and navigate the stairs).  So although I passed on many things I liked, I did not come home empty-handed!

Here’s a pic of my loot, safely home on the living room sofa:

The two mixing bowls off to the right are vintage Pyrex (at least I think the teal and white one is–if not Pyrex, then something similar).  I really liked the sweet floral pattern on the green bowl, and I think the pattern of the teal kitchen utensils on the white bowl is just kitchy enough to make its home in our kitchen.  I am a firm believe that all kitchens should posses a sprinkle of kitsch!  Unfortunately I couldn’t quite get the camera to capture the colors accurately–the green bowl is even more lovely in person–but this at least gives you some idea of the colors.  The low vase on the far left is a lovely pear color, and then the inside…surprise!…is a great teal-ish color.  So cool!!  Underneath the white and teal bowl are two Fiestaware  dessert plates in aqua; I’m thinking they are not particularly old despite that they came from the antique store, but DH and I really liked the color and thought they’d mix well with some of our green Fiestaware.

Along the bottom of the pic are the great linen napkins and table runners I found.  These were all in pristine condition and were only $4 a pop, which for linen is quite reasonable!  Vintage linen is one of my favorite things to shop for in antique stores because it is durable and usually very affordable–although it usually comes mostly in kitschy patterns.  So I pleased to find these in solid colors.  I think it will be super fun using these around the dining room!  I especially love the hemstich detailing, which you can see better up close:

So, that’s our trip to Stillwater!  I’ll try to post some pics eventually of these fab finds in their new home.

What about you?  Have you had any great, affordable, antique-store finds you’d like to share?  How much kitsch do you think a kitchen needs?


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