My awesomely free side table revealed!

How did I get a fabulous new side table for free?  Well, for starters the side table itself was abandoned and up for grabs: score!

Second, I used paint and primer left over from previous projects to refinish the table: score two!

Finally, I used a drawer pull that I already had (from our kitchen remodel–more on that someday!) to replace the original one: score three!

In case you weren’t keeping score, that all adds up to one fabulously free side table.  Which is great, because our budget really didn’t allow me to spend much more on the nursery!

Thanks to all who voted in my previous post about my side table color dilemma.  Unfortunately, the voting came out 50-50!  So what did I do?  I decided to take the less “safe” option and go ahead and paint the table aqua–I figured that I could always re-paint it if it really didn’t turn out or look right in the space.  Oh, and DH thought that the aqua was the way to go too.  He doesn’t always get much of a say when I’m off scheming about design, but it sure can be helpful when he has an opinion; it often helps me make difficult decisions!

The result?  Love it!!  Even though the aqua was a little “riskier” than going with white, I love how it looks in the space.  In case you’re wondering how I transformed the table,  I followed the same procedure that I used when refinishing this mirror–sand it, one coat of oil-based primer, two coats of latex paint…and done!

Here’s the “before” pic of the very dated side table, pre-makeover:

And here she is, all dolled up/painted and ready for some serious nursery fun!

Here’s the very dated drawer liner before:

And her updated look:

Notice what’s on the top there?  Yup–one of the great antique linen guest towels that I picked up a few weeks back when DH and I were antiquing in Stillwater (read about the rest of the loot here).

What is so great about this table, besides that it was FREE and that it is a great place to set down a cup of tea/mug of coffee/glass of water while feeding the baby?  Well, for one thing iIt really adds some much needed storage to the room!  I haven’t yet decided what to store in the drawer or on the shelf, but I like that it is so accessible–as opposed to some of our other storage in the room like the cabinets next to the chair, as you can see in this pic, which are mostly good for stuff we don’t access on a regular basis:

So what do you think?  Do you like the aqua after all?  Have you tried any furniture refinishing projects lately?  Do share!


5 thoughts on “My awesomely free side table revealed!

  1. We came across a wonderful old-n-heavy wooden 3-drawer chest walking our dog on the streets of Evanston a few weekends ago. After cleaning off some cobwebs, we had to reglue some of the drawers, and we still need to pick up a couple of pieces of wood that can replace the missing drawer stops, but all in all it’s an awesome freebie. We’re using it in our dining room as a sideboard and storage for table linens and fancy bowls that don’t fit in the kitchen. Yesterday I was super excited to make red velvet drawer liners. Love your drawer liner on the piece you found! Keep up the good work.

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