Fabulous Etsy finds for the nursery

I love shopping on etsy.com.  I actually can’t believe I didn’t know about it until a few years ago.  I feel like my life (okay, not my entire life, but at least my decorating life) much have been much more frustrating before a friend introduced me to etsy.com.  Certainly not everything available for sale on etsy.com is a gem (if you’ve never checked out regretsy.com, which features bizarre things available on etsy, you have to check it out!), but there are so many extremely creative people selling useful things that are beautifully made that it really blows my mind.  I also love the care with which so many sellers package their items.  I love getting things that I’ve ordered from Etsy in the mail because so often the wrapping is as beautiful as what is inside; it is like getting a professionally wrapped gift (even though you paid for it…).

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the great things I found on Etsy that are in the nursery because I really believe in Etsy and it Is always fun to see what others have purchased.  Some items are mostly functional and some I purchased just because they are so darn cute, but all are great.  So here’s what I have purchased so far from Etsy for the nursery:

1. Custom window seat cushion.  I posted several months ago about my need to get a custom-made seat cushion for the then-newly created window seat in the nursery.  I had had the cushion for our entryway bench re-covered a few years back at the local fabric and upholstery store, but it was crazy expensive.  I don’t remember how much, but it was over $200 I think (again, that was just to have it covered).  I guess at the time I thought it was worth it, but mostly because I didn’t know what other options existed at the time.  One day it dawned on me to try Etsy.  A quick search for “custom seat cushion” led me to a couple of sellers on Etsy who make custom seat cushions.  I was thrilled.  I chose this one based on the pictures and prices–it seemed to me the best quality for the price.  I was able to pick my own fabric from a website linked to from the seller’s page.  It wasn’t a super-fast process, but I definitely received it well before the baby came.  I think it only took a few weeks, which is great considering that the seller had to order the fabric first and then actually make the cushion and then ship it to me.  She also gave me a shipping quote ahead of time, which was great.  Anyway, here’s  pic of the window seat cushion:

I should mention that it is SUPER comfortable.  DH has actually fallen asleep there a few times when we’ve been up in the night with Sydney.  I opted for outdoor fabric for the cushion so that it would be easy to clean (I had a feeling it would get plenty dirty in a nurser!).  My only complaint is that the color isn’t quite what I expected–but of course that is not the fault of the seller since I chose it from an external website.  I think the color is a little yellow-y (I was trying to more or less match the glider), but it still looks nice.  Overall, this was a great purchase.  And it was only $121 (plus $18 shipping)!

2. Tissue box cover.  Clearly a tissue box cover is in no way a necessity.  But it is nice.  And it allows me to not stress out buying tissue boxes to match my décor–I can buy whatever is cheapest and it will always match the room thanks to the cover.  I purchased the cover from this seller on Etsy.  This is probably the third or fourth cover I’ve purchased from this seller, and they are always of good quality and are exactly what I ordered.  For this cover, I didn’t find exactly what I wanted in the shop, but a quick convo with the seller later and I had a custom listing for exactly the two fabrics I wanted (did I mention these are reversible?).

and the other side:

3. Switchplates

I love replacing switch plates almost as much as I love replacing hardware.  When the nursery was our office, we had this switch plate (purchased from Etsy):

This just did not “go” with the rest of the nursery very well, so I sought out a replacement and found this great one from this Etsy seller and up it went!

I only purchased the one for the light switch because previously that was really the only switchplate in the whole room that showed.  However, I realized once the nursery was coming together that one of the outlet switchplates would also show.  I couldn’t find a listing for the pattern and plate combo I needed, but again, a quick convo with the seller later and I had a custom listing for exactly what I needed.  The seller actually had to order more fabric in order to make this for me, so definite bonus points to her!

Here’s a pic of both of them up (the newer one is between the trash cans):

I’m so glad to have found this pattern.  I think it works perfectly with both the knobs on the re-finished mirror and the circle pattern on the trash can and creates some continuity in an otherwise rather boring and function-only space (that would be the diaper pail and trash can!).

4. Blocks.

Although I am trying to keep the nursery and most of our baby stuff gender-neutral in case Sydney ever gets a sibling, I wanted to have some personalization in the space.  And I just couldn’t resist these adorable name blocks!  I was able to specify the color palette to coordinate with the nursery, which was great.  The best part, by far, (other than the fact that these are just beautiful) was the packaging!  This is one thing I  just love about Etsy–so many of the sellers really go the extra mile when packaging their handmade treasures before sending them off.  Here’s how the blocks were packaged upon arrival:

And then when I opened up the adorable box:

It was like this was a super-fancy birthday gift that I got to open!  I wasted no time unwrapping each block and decided pretty quickly that these should live on the newly refinished mirror:

And yes, that is DH’s hand taking a pic right after re-arranging them to his liking (apparently the way I did it was not acceptable).  You can see the colors a little better in this pic:

And finally, this pic shows the switch plate and blocks together (along with the mirror and art print).  You’ll need to ignore the fingerprints on the mirror and the weird coloring of the pic–I could only get the time to take a pic while Sydney was sleeping, so the shades were down!).

I really love how this part of the room turned out!  It is what I see when I sit in the glider when feeding the baby, which is great because none of the other walls are finished yet!  Hope to make some progress on all that very soon though.  Now all I need is some time…

What do you think?  What are some of your favorite Etsy.com finds for the home?


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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