New project: my sister’s living room!

I’ve been working with my sister on a design scheme for her new living room ever since she decided that she’d be moving to a new place this summer.  I wanted to share some of the process we went through as well as the inspiration slide we finally landed on.  I just wish she lived closer so that I could be more involved in making this room a reality!

My Dear Sister (DS) approached me to help with her living room design.  This is the third living room of hers we have worked on together and it has been fun to see how her style has evolved over time–I just wish I had better pics of all the living rooms we’ve done together!  Previous to this summer DS had been living with a roommate, and thus didn’t want to spend too much time trying to decorate and merge their two styles.  But when she decided to live alone again, she called me up immediately and said “I need a change!”

It took us a long time to hone in on what kind of change she needed though.  I assumed she meant a new color scheme, but it seemed like more than that.  I always like a new challenge, so asked her a bunch of questions and started creating some inspiration slides for her.

DS has always been partial to blue, and thus has a large collection of blue stuff–dishes, textiles, furniture, etc.  I knew that her new room would have good “bones”–a white sofa, for example–but also some more challenging things to work with, like her beautiful brown patterned chairs.  (She bought these for the living room I helped her design a few years back–I don’t have any picture of what it looked like with everything all together, but I have this one that she sent me as an “in process” photo; you can at least see the sofa and chairs!):

Anyway, I got to work and created a few inspiration slides to share with her to see if any of them were on the right track.  I started one using stuff I knew she already had, and added nice, safe, light-blue walls:

But she said she might want to get away from all the blue (gasp!) and try something a little newer and fresher, so I tried out another slide using her more turquoise dishes as color inspiration:

However, after much debate, she said that what she really wanted was purple.  I had never really worked with purple much, so I thought this could be really fun.  I also finally discovered that much of her hesitation with the designs we had been discussing up to that point was actually that she didn’t think she had room for (or wanted anymore) her sofa.   She really liked her chairs, but thought the sofa could definitely go.  Given that her one living area would need to be a living room, dining room, and office, she was understandably concerned about space.  So we took out the sofa and came up with this:

However, I was still struggling a bit still with an inspiration piece for the room.  I usually like to use a great textile to inform the color scheme and design of a room, but we both knew that with the brown chairs having a distinct pattern we didn’t want to introduce too much pattern to compete with them.  And she knew she didn’t want a brown living room again.  Luckily, while she was visiting, I came across this gorgeous giant painting at World Market with shades of purple, and asked if she liked it.  She loved it!  She thought it really captured her vision for the room and bought it on the spot!  Although it was quite difficult to maneurver home (it really is quite huge) it was totally worth it.  So, now DS is left with this to inspire her room:

I feel like the painting really “makes’ the room.  I’ve suggested she use this for pulling out shades of purple to add depth to the room.  I also suggested adding some gold accents to the room, and maybe some gold or purple decorative hardware for the furniture.

She just moved about a month ago but I know she’s already started painting; she has decided that instead of doing light purple on all the walls that she’d rather have a bolder accent wall.  She snapped this pic for me because I was so excited to see how the room was coming along!

I just can’t wait to see how it all comes together!  Stay tuned…


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