Friend Project: C’s bedroom

Apparently, purple is THE color these days (just check out the latest Crate and Barrel Catalog)!  In addition to the purple living room I’ve been helping my sister with over the past few months, my friend C also approached me a little while back to help her turn her rented bedroom into the purple-clad palace of her dreams. C really really loves purple.  It really is an obsession.  Yet she was finding that just having a ton of purple stuff wasn’t creating the look she wanted in her room.  Here’s what the room looks like currently:

She hadn’t updated her bedroom’s “wardrobe” in several years, so she asked me for some help and we started exchanging design ideas via email.  C has a pretty tight budget for this project, so I wanted to make sure to focus our money where we’d get the most design bang for our buck.  I suggested she find a new duvet cover and new curtains, and definitely put some paint up on the walls.  Luckily, even though she is renting, she’s able to paint her walls–score!

I recommended C start with finding a new duvet cover that she really loved and that we’d take it from there.  After several months and many, many ideas shared, she finally sent me this pic a few weeks ago.  She had been watching HGTV’s Design Star and saw this duvet cover:

and fell in love.  Look familiar?  Yeah, she thought so too–this is quite similar to the the new duvet cover we recently used to update our bedroom (except in purple instead of blue):

However C was bummed out because she didn’t think it would be possible to find this duvet since it was on TV.  Not wanting to fail such a dear friend, I started looking online (the Internet amazes me so much–you can find anything on there!) and found this from

I’d never been to this site before, but I have found the textiles for sale on this website to be exceedingly fabulous.  I will definitely be back!!  I sent this to C and she was immediately thrilled.  We ordered it right away.

C really had hoped her budget would allow for some new furniture purchases, but alas, it did not.  Luckily DH and I were looking to unload a few extra pieces of furniture while we were making room for the baby.  We had a bookshelf and desk that we didn’t want to get rid of but didn’t have room to store, so we asked if C wanted to borrow these for the time being.  It worked out great for both parties!

C and I decided that the next step would be to create an inspiration slide.  I started one, but before I could finish it and share it with her, she sent me her own!  I was so excited to see what her ideas were…in a nice, tidy slide!  Here’s what she sent:

At her request, I edited it just a bit and sent it back to see what she thought:

As you can see, we’re doing shades of purple with some touches of green.  I know she already has some green stuff (not to mention tons of purple stuff) so this project will really be about unifying the space, which I think we’ll be able to do by painting the walls, repeating some of the pattern found in the duvet, and using a lot of white as a neutral (duvet background, white curtain, for example).  I’ve recommended that she get a purple for the walls that has a touch of gray for the walls to keep the room color from being too “young.”  We’re not sure yet what color rug she should get (hence both a green and a purple one in the slide); I suggested that we wait until most of the room was pulled together to decide about the rug to see how the overall balance of the room felt before deciding.

Next is the fun part: putting all together!  I think the paint is going up this weekend, and I’m super excited to see the room’s transformation.  C has promised to take pics so that I can share them here.  Hooray!

What do you think?  Do you also have great purple plans budding?


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