Re-upholstering an ottoman: tutorial

When I posted awhile back about my plan to re-do the living room, I mentioned wanting to re-upholster our sad, broken ottoman, despite never having re-upholstered anything.  Now, after a trip to Home Depot for a staple gun, a few subsequent trips for the correct staples, and an afternoon on stapling, I have a new ottoman!  Here’s the original ottoman in faux black leather (the large tear in it is covered up by the sheepskin rug):

And here she is now, with her new outfit!

need to insert pic of new ottoman

Here’s what I did–if I can do it, so can you!

Step 1: Remove the legs.

Step 2: I removed the tufting buttons and then covered the top with quilt batting to make it extra cushy.

Step 3: I used the dining room table for this and subsequent steps!  I placed the ottoman upside-down on the fabric (the right side of the fabric also faced down) and centered it on the fabric.

Step 4: Starting in the middle of the long edge, I pulled the fabric taut and started stapling the fabric to the frame of the ottoman, tucking the fabric under the bottom of the frame.  I kept stapling all the way to the right, and then went back and stapled the left side.  I then did the same thing on the opposite side, making sure to pull the fabric taut.  Finally, I folded the corners of the fabric in, trimmed away excesses fabric, and stapled the two shorter sides:

Here’s a closer-up pic of a corner.  The corners were a little tricky, but I just kept at it until the folding was right and then quickly stapled the fabric into place:

Step 5: Trim any excess fabric and tap into place any loose staples.

Step 6: Re-attach the legs and put your legs up!

I’d love to do more with this ottoman, like perhaps add some nail-head trim detail, but for now, she’s working quite well in our living room as a place to put our feet up (or, oftentimes, a place for baby tummy time!).

What do you think?  Have you recently tried your hand at re-upholstering?  Are you an experienced ottoman re-upholsterer?

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