The good, the good, and the bad: bedroom progress

It has been awhile since I had a chance to post about the bedroom makeover.  Although all the “big” stuff got done awhile back (painting, wallpapering, new duvet, etc.) there are still a lot of finishing touches I’d still like to add.  When I last posted about the bedroom, this was the latest pic:

DH and I love the new color scheme–it definitely has a more restful and hotel-esque feel to it now.  However, the room still felt a little “flat” to me, probably because it is missing some texture and layering.  I referred back to my inspiration slide for this room, which I haven’t updated in quite some time to see what I still needed to do to make this room feel more finished.

Other than some daylight (I never get to any blog stuff before the baby goes to bed these days…), I definitely thought the room was lacking in the pops of bright green that I had been planning to add.  I also realized that we never actually purchased a rug for the bedroom, or put anything up above the bed.  For now we’ve decided to hold off on the rug because we still have the baby in the co-sleeper and the rug would make it a little off balance (not good!).  Plus, money is pretty tight after having a baby and then being on maternity leave, so I’d rather focus our limited dollars on the stuff that I really think we I can’t live without design-wise.

Anyway, I got to work figuring out how to add some interest to the room.  First I decided to get something up on the wall above the bed.  I had been eying this wire wall-hang-y thing that I’d had for a long time as a potential contender:

It was something I bought on clearance at Pier1 on a whim several years ago and it has migrated from the dining room to the entryway, so why not to the bedroom?  I like the geometrical pattern and thought it might bring in some nice texture to the bedroom.  The only problem was that with the blue accent wall being quite dark, the dark color made this sort of got lost on the wall.  So I decided to whip out some silver spray paint to add some shine to this baby.  I always tell people not to underestimate the power of a little paint (like my side table, for example!).  If you find something with a shape that you love but you don’t love the color, you should definitely consider painting it.  I’m constantly re-imagining how different objects (furniture, picture frames, ceramics, etc.) would look with a coat of paint.  It can be a great and inexpensive way to get a custom look for pennies; to unify a set of objects that are dissimilar in color, or get that “something” that is the perfect color for a space.

Anyway,  few minutes after getting out the spray paint I had taken this wall-art from looking like this:

to this:

Pretty cool, right?  I consider this project to be part of the “good” indicated in this blog post’s title.

I also have been thinking of ways to get some green into the room.  I added some silk flowers in a silver vase to my nightstand like so:

The flowers on the night stand are also part of the “good” in this equation.

Evan after adding this pop of green I still felt like the bed itself was a little “flat” and could use some color, so I found some beautiful bright green silk fabric (on clearance for $3.99/yard) and used it to DIY a cover for a long pillow I already had.  I expected it to provide the perfect pop of color the room:

Now cue the music: wa-wa.  Sigh.  It really doesn’t look as good in person as it did in my head.  Very sad.  It kinda looks like a comic book or something to me–definitely not the hotel-chic look I was going for!  I still like the wire art above the bed and the flowers on the nightstand, but the green pillow is definitely not staying.  So I’m back to the drawing board and feeling disappointed that the room isn’t more finished yet.  Yet I will persevere!

I’ve been trying to make the idea of green on the bed work, but I really just can’t at all.  I don’t want to just do more blue because with the accent wall there is so much blue already!  I realized just a few days ago (one night, while up for a middle-of-the-night baby feeding) that I had been neglecting to consider the other color already in the room: gray!  I’m not sure how I could have missed that, given that 3 of the 4 bedroom walls are gray, but I’ll blame the fact that I’m a new parent and rarely get enough sleep.

So anyway, I’m moving on to find out what options might be out there for adding some gray to the bed.  I really like these euro-sized pillow shams, although I’m not sure if the gray would be too light:

I’m also considering some crisp white gray-trimmed shams, like these:

I’m really hoping I can find something like this for a good price.  So far most of what I’ve seen is crazy expensive–even at Target–so I’m hoping I can score a deal somewhere like at HomeGoods or  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my updated inspiration slide!

What do you think?  Have you had any “oops” moments in your design schemes recently?  Do you also lust after textiles that are out of your price range?  Do you know where I can get some gray shames like these on the cheap?  Do you have suggestions for how this room could be even better?  Please share!


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