Re-decorating the 2BB

You may have noticed that the2bedroom blues has looked a bit…different lately.  Yup, that’s right…the 2BB has a new look!  Also, a new nickname, apparently.  My friend Lauren has taken to calling the2bedroomblues 2BB and I love it!  But really, is anyone surprised that I’m re-decorating my blog?  After all, I get the itch to re-decorate my home every few months, so really, 2BB is long overdue for a face lift!

So what can you expect from the newly re-designed blog?

1. The more interesting background (blue is nice, but who doesn’t love a little pattern?!?).  I had lots of fun creating this on–no surprise here–a power point slide.

2. New categories: you should have an easier time now finding posts about, say, living rooms, with some of the newly added categories: living room, kitchen, nursery, and bedroom.  I’ll add more to the list as I start to work on other spaces.  Other new categories include Shopping Spree (posts about in-store and online finds) and Tutorials/How-I-Did-Its.  Hopefully coming soon: entries/mudrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and closets!

3. New category names: this is still a work in progress given that most of my creativity does not reside in the language part of my brain.  I’d love any suggestions for more exciting category labels from readers!  For example, “Textiles” has become “Textile Love” to better capture my obsession.  And “Organization” has become “Organization Obsession” for the same reason.  I could definitely use help with some of the others still, so please feel free to leave a suggestion in a comment!  Perhaps something with some alliteration?  Or a pun?!?

4. Pinterest link: this new link will take you to my pinboards on Pinterest.  This can be a fun thing to peek at every so often if you like 2BB and are looking for some more inspiration.

5. “About Gillian” update: this was out of date so I’ve made some updates to better reflect the direction this blog is headed.  Also, I am no longer pregnant but instead have a lovely daughter.  Didn’t want to start any rumors of another baby on the way!

I hope you find the re-design to be helpful–or at least get a kick out of the fun, new pattern.  Let me know what you think or if you have other suggestions of things you’d like to see on the blog!

2 thoughts on “Re-decorating the 2BB

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