H&M Home coming Spring 2012

H&M: the Mecca of cheap of-the-minute clothing has a home store!  Picture me dancing with excitement.  Dancing quietly that is, as to not wake the baby…

Okay, so I’ve actually known this for awhile.  But I also knew that H&M Home, as the retail giant’s division of goods for the home is called, was a Europe-only thing.  But not anymore!  That’s the big news.  Andomgi’msoexcitedican’twait.

Check it out:


Although there’s no preview yet of what will be available in the U.S., looking at the H&M Home site for Great Britain gives a taste of what we can expect for the states:


From what I can tell, I’ll definitely be doing some shopping here come Spring.  Because it will all be available online.  Online!  Shopping in my pajamas for stylish, affordable textiles and other home goods?  Did I mention omgi’msoexcitedican’twait?

In the meantime, I’ve been perusing the Great Britian H&M Home site, which features some funky finds alongside some great basics (just like their clothing stores, I suppose), including these pillow shams that would be perfect for adding that elusive “textural interest” to the bedroom!

And these prices are really, really fabulous.  Which I suppose makes them reabulous.  Just have to get through a Chicago winter first.

Are you as excited as I am about this?  Have you done any pre-shopping at the GB store?  Please share!

I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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