Paint color names

I’ve been asked several times now for the actual names of my paint colors.  In future posts, I’ll be sure to include the name of the color in case you like it and would like to try it in your own home.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share the colors that are mentioned in past posts.  We always get low or no-VOC paint, so sometimes we’ve had colors matched to a different paint brand if we couldn’t find what we wanted in a no-VOC paint deck.

  • Our living room (currently) is painted “Endless Rain” from Freshaire (available at the Home Depot).  Here are a few pics of what this color looks like in the living room:

And here’s the same color, which we used to paint our laundry “room:”

  • We used three colors to paint the nursery.  The main light green room color is Valspar’s “Crocodile Smile” and the light aqua color is Olympic’s “Serendipity.”  Also all the built-ins we (okay, DH) had to paint were painted using Behr’s “Frost.”  We had all three paint colors color matched to Yolo Colorhouse no-VOC paint.  You can see all three colors in this pic:

You can also see the aqua in the closet (before we put stuff in it…):

and on the side table I painted for the nursery:

  • We used two colors in our bedroom re-do.  The three light gray walls are painted Valspar’s “Notre Dame:”

  • And our accent wall (which we first wallpapered with paintable wallpaper) is painted with Olympic’s “Blue Beads:”

    In case you preferred the red bedroom, I unfortunately no longer know the brand of paint we used, but I know that the chip is called “Romantic Night.”  It was most likely a not-too-expensive brand from the Home Depot, as I know it took about 3 coats to do!  Here’s a pic of the bedroom when it was red:
  • Finally, the kitchen’s nice neutral color is “Gobi Desert” from Behr:

Let me know if I’ve missed any.  And I promise to start including paint color names in future posts.  Thanks for the suggestion!

I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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