Fabulous fabric finds a new home

I’ve posted several times lately about my plans to update our living room.  We spend a lot of time in the room (which is also our office now too) so I get the itch to redecorate in there more often than other rooms.  Overall I’m hoping to make the space more serene because our lives are generally pretty hectic these days with the new baby and working and all.  My plans for more serenity in the room include

  1. Trying to declutter the space.  When we moved the office into the living room to make room for the nursery we went through a massive decluttering process.  However, much of what we didn’t actually get rid of but needed to get out of the nursery ended up in the living room.  Thus for the past several months the living room has felt very cluttered with books and papers and all kinds of other stuff shoved onto shelves in a mad dash to prepare for Sydney’s arrival.  I am now determined to restore order to the space so that at the end of the day when DH wants to get me to relax and sit on the sofa, have a drink, and watch a show with him I can actually relax–instead of stressing about the living room, which is what I currently do when he tries to get me to relax.
  2. Create a more serene color scheme.  Although I loved the blue and orange for a time, I never found it particularly relaxing.  Here is what the living room sofa looked like before I started thinking about redecorating the room:

My new plans involve using a slightly more restrained color palette.  The walls are staying the same light blue color, and I’m planning to bring in some other shades of blue and blue-green.  And we’re swapping the great quatrefoil rug for a nice cream shag (the quatrafoil rug has found a great new home in the nursery!).

Most recently I posted about my change of heart about the fabric to use for the pillows.  I decided that for my pillow shams for the living room I needed to use fabric that could be easily washed because we spend so much time in our living room with a very messy baby.  (We actually can’t blame all the messes on Sydney…DH and I certainly make plenty of messes ourselves!)   I was very excited when my new (100% cotton and washable) fabric finally arrived in the mail.  Here she is, posing for the camera:

And here she is with some of her other fabric friends that might make it onto the sofa to keep her company:

I immediately got to work making her into some pillow shams to get my living room facelift up and running.  I made four 20×20 shams using the same envelope method I used for the nursery pillows.  Once I got going, it actually went very quickly, which made me very happy.  Here are three of them, hanging out on their new home on the sofa:

So now that I have some pattern in the room, there are still several things that I’d like to do to help complete the transformation of the room:

  1. Get a console table for behind the sofa.  Our tiny 2bedroom definitely lack horizontal space for display.  I’d love  to put in a mantle somewhere, but we really just don’t have the space anywhere in this small condo.  So I’m hoping to find a console table to go behind our sofa, just above the radiator, to provide space for display.
  2. Remove that air conditioner–quite the eyesore, and we’re definitely headed into Winter!
  3. Consider one or two other accent pillows for the sofa.
  4. Find some shiny silver frames to go on the console table (we definitely need some baby pics…right now I only have one of Sydney’s ultrasound “pictures” in a frame!).
  5. (Maybe) paint the lamp in the corner.  I’m definitely tired of the black and would like something that goes better with our new color scheme.  I’m thinking something somewhat shiny (probably silver) but haven’t yet decided on what kind of paint to use.  So far I’m leaning towards spray paint, but I’m still looking into options.  I think silver leaf could be really fabulous looking, but would probably get really expensive.

While I start to get to work on all this I’ll leave you with new pillow #4 on our new(ish) Jennylund chair:

(Apologies for the dark photo–not a lot of daylight these days!)

What do you think?  Have you found that you need a serene color scheme at the end of a long day?  Are you shopping for a console table or planning to paint lamp?  I’d love to hear about it!


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