My newest obsession: sweater decor!

Did anyone else notice these lovely sweater vases in the most recent Crate and Barrel catalog?

They definitely got my attention!  I love how cozy and wintry they are, but without being holiday-specific.  I’m always looking for ways to keep a wintry theme beyond the holidays, and these beauties would definitely do just that!  What I didn’t realize at first though was that these are actually ceramic and are just made to look like they are wearing sweaters.  While they look nice they are not nearly as cozy as I had hoped!  But I really think something like this could be a great addition to my winter decor repertoire.  So I started doing some searching the blogosphere and came across this lovely DIY post about making your own sweater vases.  I’m new to this blog ( but am totally hooked!  Anyway, here’s a pic of her beautiful recycled sweater vases:

I especially love the squat one one the left.  I’m totally inspired and am now on the lookout for an inexpensive sweater to cut up.  If only I had more time to hit up a few thrift stores!

And I might not stop with just the vases.  The trunk of a sweater would make a great pillow, for example.  There are already some great tutorials out there for turning sweaters into pillows, so I’ll definitely link to whichever one I use if I ever get to this project.  Maybe this would be something to tackle in the new year, but I’ve got my eye out now for the perfect sweater…

Have you ever up-cycled a sweater?  What did you make?  Where did you get the sweater?


One thought on “My newest obsession: sweater decor!

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