IKEA haul!

Over the last weekend we made a trip out to IKEA with baby (and friend C) in tow.  After hearty $1.99 breakfasts all around we hit the IKEA pavement.  We had a great time looking around because we actually hadn’t been to IKEA in quite awhile.  I had wanted to also get a swatch of the newest EKTORP slipcover in gray, but sadly they no longer have swatches to take home.

Still, we had a great time and some amazing luck, and I’m very excited to get to work on our fabulous haul.  Here’s everything we brought home from IKEA, waiting to go to their new homes:

Starting on the left, we have two 26×26 euro shams.  These are for the bedroom–along with the gray sleeping-bag looking thing.  I’ve been wanting to bring more gray into the bedroom for awhile, and I’m hoping that this set of gray quilted shams isn’t too dark, but we’ll have to see.  In front of the pillow and shams is a casserole (casserole season is here and we wanted something that could go from oven to table and still look nice) and a soft book for little Sydney.  The two plants were sort of an impulse purchase as we neared the checkout, but I really love them.  We already have some of IKEA’s other faux plants in our kitchen:

and I love how much they perk up a room.  I also purchased two of their wonderful glossy white plant pots to put the plants in and decided to get ones that do not match completely (one has horizontal and the other vertical stripes) to avoid being too matchy-matchy.

In front of the plants are three 20×20 pillow shams that I saw while browsing the textiles section (anyone surprised??).  I believe they formerly had these only in a somewhat strange pink color, but these beauties are neutral in their taupe and cream striped splendor–neutral but far from boring.  They are actually a bit shiny, and look much more luxe then they actually are given that they are poly silk.  I’m excited to see them next to the new pillows I’ve just finished for the living room, shown here:

The best part?  They’re completely washable, which is one of my main criteria for stuff in the living room where Sydney tends to hang out a fair amount.  So Sydney (and DH) do your worst!

Finally, on the far end are two magazine files.  I’ve been looking for a place to store current issues of food magazines (Cooking Light is my current favorite!) in our dining room.  I like to keep issues for a year and then look through them one more time before recycling or passing them along to someone on Freecycle.  The previous magazine file I had been using was quite flimsy and was practically useless.  These are made of wood and are quite sturdy.  They might not look like much right now, but I have big plans for them!  I’m actually cooking up (ha ha) plans for jazzing up my recipe organizational tools, so look for more on that soon!

Oh yes, and there is one item not pictured–the biggest purchase actually.  I think we’ve found the perfectly sized–and–priced sofa table for the living room.  I don’t want to get too excited in case it doesn’t work out, but I’m very hopeful.  Stay tuned!

Have you made any trips to IKEA lately?  Do you also make impulse purchases at the IKEA checkout?  What is your favorite item from the new catalog?


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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