My Pinterest Challenge

Last week, Sherry over at YHL challenged her readers to another Pinterest Challenge, and this time I was totally game.  What is a Pinterest Challenge, you might ask?  It is an (unofficial) personal challenge to actually get busy and do something that you’ve pinned via Pinterest.  If you’re new to Pinterest you should definitely check it out (you can start by clicking on my Pinterest side bar if you’d like!).  Basically Pinterest allows you to make “pinboards” of images (“pins”) you love, find inspiring, practical, etc.  I’m newer to Pinterest, but I’m finding that it is a great community that I’m learning to appreciate more and more the more I’m on.  There is so much creativity out there!

So, back to the Challenge.  I had several ideas come to mind when I saw the YHL post about the next challenge.  What I thought would be a very straightforward weekend project turned out, sadly, to be anything but.

One of my first thoughts was that I’d work on some Christmas ornaments and get a bit “ahead” for the holidays.  I had seen this great blog post on Under the Table and Dreaming about doing a faux mercury glass finish, which I thought would add some great variety to my collection of basic Christmas ornaments.

I even purchased the supplies for the project over the weekend. But, sadly, I realized that all my ornaments were in our storage unit in the basement of our condo building, and even with all the paring down we’ve done lately, the unit is still stuffed with stuff.  I really couldn’t justify making DH go down there to get the Christmas stuff now and when we decided to decorate for the holidays.  So, idea #1 was put on hold until we go to retrieve our holiday decorations later this month.  I still totally want to give this a try though since I love mercury glass, especially around the holidays.

I had also been meaning to make some art with paint chips.  I had seen YHL do this awhile back in a neutral palette and thought it would be fun to do something similar in shades of blue and turquoise for our living room:

I actually did start this project, but sadly my dear little Sydney has had a rough couple of days/evenings because she’s been sick, so I didn’t have my usual time after she goes to bed to work on projects.  So project idea #2 is also on hold until I can get a few more minutes to rub together.

The other idea I had been playing around with was making my very own sweater vases.  We’ll call this project idea #3.  I hit up a couple of thrift stores over the weekend in search of a white or cream colored cable knit sweater that I could cut up to make some of the fuzzy, cozy sweater vases I posted about last Friday:

I visited three different stores and finally found one that wasn’t too expensive (I had seen several at a secondhand store near my house for $30-$55…are you kidding me?!?).  I would have liked to find one even cheaper (this one was $13.50) but as time is at a premium with the new baby and full time job and all, I figured this was still a pretty good deal.

My plan was to use each arm for a sweater vase, and then use the body of the sweater to make a throw pillow for the sofa.  Here’s what I started with:

Just the sweater, a small hurricane vase, and my sewing scissors.   I snipped off a sleeve and trimmed it down so it was an even tube, and slipped it over the vase to make this…

…a one-armed sweater!  Just kidding of course.  The prize is on the left side of the picture: my very own sweater vase!  Hooray!  I didn’t actually follow the tutorial exactly since I thought it would be nice to have the sweater be just that–a removable sort of “slipcover” for the vase (since I will likely only want to use this sort of vase during the winter months, and storage space is definitely at a preimium in my tiny 2bedroom).  I probably don’t need a regular hurricane and a sweater hurricane taking up precious real estate in my cabinet of vases.

Of course, more baby needs prevented me from further carving up the cable-knit terrain into additional vases and/or pillows, but at least I can say I tried.  Which is half the idea behind the Pinterest Challenge.  So maybe this is like running a half-marathon?  A half-Pinterest challenge?  Or maybe just a 5K Pinterest challenge?

Don’t forget to check out the 100s of fab projects that others have done (see the other “sponsors'” blogs here: Katie’s, Ana’s, Erin’s, and YHL’s).  Most of these are not 5K challenges but full-on marathon ones.  So many ideas in such a small space…definitely makes my head spin a bit.  And inspires me!

Did you take on a pinned idea recently?  How did it go?

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