Finding space: our new console table

Who else gets this excited about finding space?!?   Perhaps only me.  But I am seriously excited about this one.

As I mentioned in a recent post about our last trip to IKEA, the main purpose of the trip was to bring back a table that I had seen the catalog that I thought could work for a console/sofa table in our living room.  I’ve been wanting a space for things like picture frames to display more prominently in our home–ideally a mantle or console table somewhere.  I even purchased these beautiful silver frames from TJ Maxx recently (for only $20 total!!) and I’ve been longing for a place to display them.

Sadly, I think the chances of us actually getting to install the mantle I’ve had my eyes on for awhile (that I found in our storage area, just like my awesomely free side table) are pretty slim.  My latest idea came to me while greedily perusing the latest IKEA catalog.  (Anyone else notice the fabulous light aqua paint color on the cover?  So pretty!)  I noticed in the bedrooms section a picture of a strange over-the-bed table from the Malm series.  Basically it is a simple table that looks very much like a giant staple:

My first thought was that if you really need a table for your bed then maybe you’re speeding too much time in your bed.  But then it did start me thinking that perhaps its unique slim design could fit in a small space.  Go IKEA!

When I saw that it also comes in white, I had an ah-ha! moment!   I figured out that this table could very likely solve a design dilemma I’ve had for most of the time we’ve lived in our 2bedroom.  In the living room, I’ve always felt that the space between our sofa and the window was wasted.  The sofa can’t be pushed up against the window because there is a radiator there, so there’s a fair amount of space on either side of the radiator that goes to waste.   You can sort of see it here in the last pic I posted of the living room because that’s the space where the lamp in the corner “lives:”

I had looked online for a table to go over the radiator behind the sofa, but never found anything with the right dimensions.  So imagine how giddy I was once I found this Malm table and measured the space and found that it would be a perfect fit!  Not only is it tall enough to cover the radiator without blocking it, it is the perfect height for a sofa table because it is exactly the same height as the back of the sofa.  Plus, is is really long (remember, this is supposed to go over a bed) so it would take up most of the space behind the sofa…and because of the table’s slim depth, I’d only need to move the sofa about another inch away from the window to make it fit.  So yes, I did plan the trip to IKEA primarily for this table.  I was hopeful that this table, once tucked behind the sofa would finally be the horizontal space my life had been lacking.  And my dreams came true!

This table went together in no time (thanks to DH and I being veteran IKEA assemblers and this being a very basic design) and after lifting it into place even DH had to admit that my scheme had really paid off!  Here’s our new “console” table in her new home, tucked behind the sofa:

My beautiful new frames have already found a home!  Of course, we’ll need to fill them with actual photographs next, but you at least get the idea.  Here’s a more full-on shot of the table:

You can also see the two plants and pots I picked up near the checkout at IKEA in this shot.  Finally, here’s a pic of the the entire sofa with her new sofa table friend:

You can also see in the pic the great new striped pillow shams I picked up at IKEA as well.

We are definitely pleased with our new found display space.  As you can see, there’s an added bonus of having a nice place to set a drink when you’re sitting in what I like to call the “queen spot”–that fabulous spot in the corner.

So that’s how I’ve found a way to eek out a bit more space in our tiny 2bedroom’s living room.

What do you think?  Have you found any space in your home recently?  Or had a great idea inspired by the latest IKEA catalog?


4 thoughts on “Finding space: our new console table

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    • Hi Kimmy-

      I don’t see it on IKEA’s website anymore. We bought it quite a few years ago so it is possible they’ve discontinued it. You could always check out Craigslist or eBay though. IKEA does still have other similar tables (malm and lack) that might work too. Good luck!


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