Back to the old chair…

I could barely contain my excitement when, several months back, I found the perfect new desk chair for our then-new office space in our living room.  Here she is:

And while she still is lovely (that beautiful nail-head trim!) we have found that sometimes a beautiful chair can be…not so comfy.  I didn’t realize how not comfy this chair was until I started work again.  I’m working from home one day a week, and I quickly discovered that this beauty is not meant to support a full day of computer work.  I was very disappointed when I finally admitted this to DH.  He agreed completely that this chair was great for short jaunts at the computer but was definitely not for longer stints–he had just been afraid to say anything to me because he knew how much I loved this chair!

We finally decided that it just wasn’t worth it to keep trying to work from an uncomfortable chair, so we trekked down to our storage unit and somehow magically managed to extract one of the IKEA chairs that we had in our old office.  Before the fancy new nail-head trim chair, we had this one:

And as you can see, we’re back to the same old trusty, comfy, chair–although this chair now matches our new armchair (which replaced the chair lounge) much better:

So now I’m determined to find a new home for the desk chair cast-off.  DH and I still think she is a lovely chair, so we’re hopeful to find her a good home somewhere else in this tiny 2bedroom–a home that doesn’t require any long-term sitting!  Although this does feel like a step backwards, this is how homes evolve, right?

Have you done and desk chair swapping recently?  What style do you prefer?  Fancy office-y looking one?  Something uber-modern?  Or does it not matter as long as it is comfortable?


3 thoughts on “Back to the old chair…

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