From orange to fabulous

In one of my very first blog posts I featured some of the great things I found during a late winter trip to Home Goods out in the ‘burbs.  One of my finds was this very orange tall vase:

I loved the pattern on it, but knew that the orange wasn’t for me–especially as I was already moving away from the blue and orange living room color scheme.  So I tucked this gal away behind the sofa until recently, when I came across another  orange vase that I owned–again with a great pattern–and figured it was time to do something about them.  So I gathered them both up and took their “before” picture:

Then I took them outside with a can of glossy white spray paint and went to town.  Just a couple of coats later, I had two beautiful new white vases which are much better suited to the new living room color scheme of blues and teals with lots of neutrals.  I love it when a project actually is simple!  Here they are showing off their new wardrobe:

I’m pleased that both vases retained their texture so nicely.  After these two turned out so nicely I’ve had to stop myself from wanting to spray paint everything in sight!  I haven’t yet decided where they’ll end up, but I’ve got a few ideas.  I’d love to use the tall one as an umbrella stand in the entryway, but neither DH or I have any old-timey non-collapsing umbrellas to store, so I’ll have to figure out a better way to use that one!  I’ll for sure post once they find a new home.

Have you spray painted anything lately?


2 thoughts on “From orange to fabulous

  1. I’ve been hankering to spray paint lately too! Too bad the wet weather has prevented me . It’s amazing how transformative a coat of paint can be – and crisp, bright white is my favorite. Love the blog!

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