Finding space: new hoisery storage solution

Hosiery.  Ack.  Every professional woman needs it, but I don’t know any that enjoy dealing with it.  Now that the weather is determined to stay cold, I’m finding that I need to get out the old hosiery collection more and more often.  However, I was finding that my collection was not actually collected anywhere.  I know that at one point it was all in one place, but because I spent last winter in maternity wear, I didn’t use about half of my collections (that is, anything that came up higher than my legs of course!).  So trouser socks and thigh-highs were in once place, panty hose in another, and for some reason tights in still another place.  Plus, none of these places were especially easy to access, which was making my mornings difficult.  So I was determined to find a place that I could organize all of my hosiery in once place that would be easy to access.

Of course where on earth am I supposed to find space in my tiny 2bedroom?  I’ll admit it had me stumped for awhile.  But while playing on the floor with dear little Sydney it dawned on me: under my dresser!  Our dresser has feet, and so there is about 4-5 inches of space between the bottom of the last drawer front and the floor.  I had actually stashed a boot box under our dresser awhile back thinking that I might be able to use it for something, so I pulled it out and dusted it off:

While at an (always exciting) visit to the Container Store, I purchased this drawer divider kit that I thought would be perfect for this project:

After taking waaaaaay too long to figure out how to assemble the compartments, I was please with how well this organizer fit the boot box:

The next step, which is one I always recommend with any organizing project, was to go through, sort, and purge.  This meant tackling this mess (plus another huge pile I found later)!

But, after sorting by type and color and getting rid of any unmatched pairs, it was time to start filling in the box.  I rolled up what was left in my collection and filled each compartment–pantyhose and tights in the larger compartments in the middle, trouser socks in the smaller compartments around the edges, and legwarmers  and a drawer sachet in the extra space on the right:

This whole process was really good one financially too–the organizer was not very expensive, and I realized after doing this that I had been buying new hosiery that I didn’t need because I just didn’t know I had what I needed already! So at the very least I can stop doing that because I’ll know much more easily now what needs to be replaced.

I don’t plan to make the boot box a permanent thing, but it works great until I can find a nicer-looking (and sturdier) replacement box.  I think it will be a challenge though as there really isn’t much clearance beneath the dresser.

As a finishing touch, I added a knob the box to make it easier to pull the box out from under the dresser.  Here’s my new hosiery storage box in her new home:

One of the great things about this is that I actually had to get down on the floor to take this picture–meaning that when you’re standing in the room like a normal person, you don’t see the box at all!

I’ve had this storage system in place now for about a week and I’m already really digging it.  My legs are thanking me on an (almost) daily basis!

Where have you found space lately?  Have you found a great use for shoebox or boot box?


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