Organizing your morning: Part 1 (wardrobe)

Let me first say that I am not a morning person.  I get up early, but I don’t like it.  And it takes me a long time to actually feel awake for the day–I’m often seen dropping things as I get ready in the mornings–mascara, spoons, you name it!  For those of you who have to get out the door quickly in the morning like I do, I wanted to share my tips for a hassle-free morning.

First up?  Planning what you’ll wear the evening before!

I’ve been doing this ever since I had my first job after college and had to just admit that I’m not a morning person.  I can’t make decisions in the morning beyond what to eat for breakfast, so trying to decide what to wear in the morning and then finding all the pieces of an outfit add precious minutes (sometimes 10 or 15) to my morning.  Even in an organized closet, I still find it hard to process all that visual information and come to a decision about what to put on my body.  Here’s what I do each evening for the next day:

  1. Check the weather forecast.  This will be important to know as extreme weather or precipitation can obviously play a role in deciding what to wear.
  2. Think about my next day at work–will I be in a lot of meetings and need to look extra professional, or will I mostly be sitting at my desk?  Am I going out afterwards and need something that can work for both work and going out?
  3. After thinking about 1 and 2 I head to my closet.  After selecting an outfit based on the weather and the needs of my next day, I hang it up on two hooks that I have next to my closet.  I have the hooks aligned so that when I hang a shirt and pants on hangers from the hooks, they hang roughly as they would on my body.
  4. Once I have the bones of the outfit together (pants/skirt and shirt or dress, etc.) I figure out my jewelry and other accessories.  I hang the necklace with the outfit (to make sure it looks “right”) and set the earrings on my dresser.  If the outfit needs a belt, I hang this as well.  This makes it super easy to accessorize in the morning and I don’t waste time thinking about which accessories will look good with my outfit.
  5. Next, I think about what shoes I’ll wear.  I have most of my business-casual only shoes (ones I’d really never wear anywhere but work) in a drawer in my office.  So if I’m going to wear one of those pairs–or if the weather is bad–I put out a pair of commuting shoes or boots.  If I’m going to wear a pair that “lives” at home, then I set those out.  The exception would be if the selected footwear wasn’t good for walking or if the weather was going to be bad, in which case I’d still set them out, but just throw them in my purse when leaving instead of putting them on.
  6. Finally, depending on my footwear choice, I pull out any hosiery, if needed, and hang it alongside my outfit.  This step is much easier with my new hosiery organization system!

Although this might sound like a lot of steps, it actually only takes me about 5-7 minutes when I do it when I get home, and that includes changing out of my last outfit and into baby-friendly clothes.  Definitely a time-saver!  Plus, on days when I have to get dressed in the dark (if Sydney or DH are still sleeping, for example), I know there’s little chance of me leaving for work with an unmatched outfit, two different shoes, etc.

On my first week back from maternity leave I snapped some photos of what this looks like.  You can see lots of (summer) commuting shoes!




Obviously this looks a bit different now that it is quite brisk out in the mornings, but the process I go through is the same regardless of the season.  I really do swear by this too; on mornings when I didn’t get to do this the night before I spend lots and lots of time staring at my clothes, pawing through my drawers, and flip-flopping about what earrings to wear.  And all it takes is 5 minutes each evening and a couple of hooks!  I hope to post again before too long with more tips for organizing your morning.

What do you do to figure out what to wear in the morning?  Do you use a similar method?  I’d love to hear about it!


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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