New Years organizing resolutions

I love the New Year.  In addition to it being a great time to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the coming year, the time is conveniently followed by a long, (usually) cold, rather uneventful couple of months.  Many people complain about this time of year, and for good reason–it is dark, frosty, and punctuated by few days off work.  However, I’ve found that this is the perfect time of year to finally get things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time done.  Perhaps not a lot of outdoors-y things, but certainly things around the house!  Since I know a lot of people don’t looking forward to this time of year like I do, I thought I’d share my excitement–and my list of organizing resolutions–in hopes bringing this different perspective on this time of year to others!

Organizing resolutions for 2012, to be expanded on in greater detail in future blog posts:

1. Curb cord clutter.  There are several spots in the living room that, much to my horror, showcase a tangle of exposed cords.  This has bothered me for a very long time.  This year, I am resolved to curb the cord clutter!

2. Keep the entryway bench clear.  This spot, which is intended for putting on shoes, has become a terribly cluttered area in recent months.  It was always a struggle, but the addition of baby gear and winterwear really was a tipping point.  My goal is to find new storage solutions and/or systems to keep this area functional and clutter-free.  I imagine this will also involve some self-discilpline!

3. Closet cleanse.  I try to go through everything in our closets at least once a year, and this year my goal is to not just go through stuff and get rid of things, but also to evaluate the actual storage systems and overall organization of each closet as well.  Many of my organization systems haven’t changed much since we moved in four years ago, so I’ve noticed that some areas no longer really function for us (that is, they are cluttered rather than functional).

4. Keep the desk area clear.  When DH and I moved from two desks to one (read more about that here and here) we were able to keep the desk space clear for a couple of months.  However, the clutter slowly crept in, which to me is a clear indicator that we need to open up all the drawers, do a thorough purge, and re-evaluate our storage needs.  Desk sharing really is a tricky business!

5. Re-evaluate the nursery changing area.  The system DH and I came up with for Sydney’s diaper changing area has worked well thus far, but not that she is much stronger, longer, and wigglier (and now that we’re only using our own diapers rather than having a diaper service) we’ve realized that we need to make some changes to how the changing area is set up.

6. Improve our e-organization.  DH and I are notorious for not knowing which pictures are where (are they on the camera?  the laptop?  the desktop?  the external hard drive?  did we upload them?  what folder are they in? etc.).  I’m determined in the new year that we will create a system for organizing our pictures and other e-files on our shared computers in a way that is both easy to access, and is safe (i.e. gets backed up!).  I think I may need to pull in some experts for this one as e-organization is certainly not my strong point.

7. Reduce paper clutter.  Every year I say that I’ll get my name off those mailing lists that send you all kinds of things you don’t want or need in the mail, but I never do it.  Not only do the uninvited enveloped-wrapped guests waste paper, but they make it almost impossible to keep paper clutter at bay in our home.   Most of our paper recycling is from things that come in the mail that we never look at or want–or worse, are credit card offers that we don’t want but still have to open and shred!  I think of all the time we spend dealing with mail we don’t want and it makes me crazy.  NO MORE!!

So there you have it.  My seven organizational goals for 2012.  At least these are ones I know I want to get to right away in the new year!  Perhaps there will be others later on in the year.  But I’m also evaluating several 2BB projects  that are more design- rather than organization-focused, so perhaps those will be what I turn my focus to once these are underway.  I can’t say for sure when I’ve met some of these goals (for how long to I have to keep the entry clear for it to count?!?) but I can at least know when I’ve done the work of finding better organizational systems!

Do you have any New Years Resolutions related to organizing?  I’d love to hear about them!


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