Time to finish the nursery!

Now that Sydney is the ripe old age of 7 months (gasp! How did that happen??), I am determined to finish her nursery.  I have had plenty of ideas, but have found myself uncharacteristically gun-shy in following through with them.  I at first blamed it on being busy, but then  I thought, well, I’m always busy.  So I knew it had to be something else.  It finally dawned on me what was holding me back: the furniture arrangement!  Every time I’d try to imagine hanging some things on the walls, nothing felt right.  Everything seemed awkward, and it was this that led me to the epiphany that the room layout just. wasn’t. working.

As I’ve mentioned before, the room itself is very small–just like all the rooms in our tiny 2bedroom.  The additions of the built-ins (read more about that here, here, and here) has really helped, but it does limit the arrangement of furniture just a bit.  However, now that we’ve lived with the room for 7+ months, I’ve realized that we don’t necessarily need to have super-easy access to the storage on the left side of the window; we’re mostly using it for long-term storage now.  This has increased the options in my head for furniture arrangements.  And we’re certainly not new to somewhat weird furniture arrangements–for example, we used to have our sleeper sofa in our old office (now the nursery) in front of the closet!  We would simple push it aside a bit whenever we needed to access the closet, which at the time wasn’t very often. Here’s what that looked like:

So the current layout of the nursery looks like this (not quite to scale, but you get the idea):

As you can see, the glider is currently blocking the left cabinet already, so I suppose I should stop worrying about blocking it with something else!  Even if we end up with the crib there, it is never actually that difficult to move when we do need to access the cabinet.  This probably seems pretty weird to anyone who doesn’t have a tiny space, but when every inch counts, sometimes you have to do weird stuff like this!

So what else is on the agenda for finishing the nursery?  Glad you asked!

  1. See those two circles between the closet and the door?  Those are two trash cans that will find new homes since we no longer need them.  We had been using a large step-can for the diaper service diapers, but now that we’re not using a service anymore and and just using our own cloth diapers, we’ll just use a hanging wet bag on the closet door handle.  The smaller circle represents an all-purpose trash can that was very useful when Sydney was very little, but we now realize we don’t need since we can throw our wipes in with the diapers.  Plus, this particular trash can, though cute, is open on top–not very good for a baby that will likely soon be crawling!  Here’s what that wall looks like currently (you can see the two trash cans):
  2. Re-working the changing table area, which you can also see in the above picture, and adding some more personalized stuff (ideas still forming!)
  3. Adding some much-needed “stuff” to the walls.  I know I want white frames, and I’d love to try a wall montage-type thing like the ones I always see on YHL.  I still have my eye on some of the cute prints from trendypeas.com (mentioned in this post) and a huge print that was previously in our living room (I’ve even already spray painted the frame on that one white!).  I’m also still considering one of the great fabric tree decals from trendypeas.com, like this one:
  4. Getting a roman shade for the window.  DH and I have been back and forth for months about what type of window covering to do, and I think we’ve finally decided…but until we order I’ll wait to say for sure!
  5. Do something about the ceiling fan!  We don’t have central air, so we definitely need the fan in the summer, but it really isn’t all that nice to look at.  I’ve seen some wonderful bloggers retrofit a ceiling fan light fixture with a shade to give it a nicer look, so I’m dying to try something similar!
  6. Do you see the area marked “storage boxes” in the picture above?  That’s definitely got to go.  Last summer this corner was remarkably clear of clutter as you can see in the pic on the left–the pic on the right shows what it currently looks like!

    You can sort of see in picture on the right what I’m talking about–the corner of the nursery basically has become a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff (coffee tables? really?!?) which is driving me crazy.  I’m starting to think about some new storage options for the nursery, now that I have a sense of the kind of stuff we deal with on a regular basis.  More on that soon!

But all this depends on finding a layout that works–and feels “right.”  So that’s what DH and I will tackle first–in between Sydney naps, of course!  Do you have any suggestions for how we could layout the space?  I’d love to hear them!  Do you ever block entry to a closet or or cupboard with furniture because there is just no other way to make the room work?  Please share pics!


2 thoughts on “Time to finish the nursery!

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