New nursery layout!!

I think DH and I have finally hit on a much better layout for the nursery.  As I mentioned in my last post, the layout was really not working–and was definitely keeping us from finishing the nursery (long overdue to our 7-month-old!).  This was the layout that we had until just the other day:

Which looked roughly like this as you walked into the room (apologies for the dark photo–this was actually taken during the day but there’s so little daylight this time of year!):

Ick.  Just looking at it reminds me of all the bad feelings I had about that layout.  This is the new layout I came up with (for which DH provided the muscle to re-arrange everything!):

As you can see, we are blocking the left cabinet with the crib a bit (it looks worse in the above pic than in person), but as I mentioned previously we don’t need to access the stuff in that cabinet very often:

Still a work in progress (ahem, playmat stuffed between the crib and the cabinet…), but it is, indeed, progress!  You might notice two things that are a bit strange about the new layout I sketched out (other than blocking the left cabinet).  First, the ottoman is no longer in front of the glider.  I was uncertain about this at first, but I’ve decided that since it is so easy to move, it makes sense to let it float around the room as needed.  I can easily set it by the glider when I put Sydney down for the evening so I have it for the middle-of-the-night feeding, but keep it between the two doors during the day for additional floor space.  I’ve already noticed that it makes a nice place to sit with the addition of one of the pillows from the window seat!

The second strange this is that the storage boxes have moved…to the hallway.  Yes, we have gotten rid of this terribly cluttered corner:

All this stuff hasn’t yet found a forever home, but we know that the reality of a tiny 2bedroom is that you can’t keep everything.  In order to have sanity and calm in the home, you have to be pretty ruthless about not keeping things you don’t have room for.  So that lovely lucite coffee table?  Yeah, probably going to have to Craigslist that one (sniffle!).  Not sure yet about the storage cube (beneath the coffee table in the above pic), but she too may have to find a new home.  Although not everything is gone yet, things are least looking a bit better:

For me the most exciting part of all this is what is in the lower left-hand side of the new sketched layout…new storage bins!

I’ve actually had my eye on these great little clutter busters ever since I saw them in the Land of Nod catalog, but I wanted to wait until I knew what life with a baby would be like (and how the nursery would be laid out…) before shelling out any hard-earned cash for them:

DH and I decided though that in addition to being “our style,” they should make putting away toys easier for us, and eventually for Sydney because you really just have to plop stuff into them.  You don’t eve have to open anything, like you would with a traditional toy box or a drawer!  Although at $99 a pop they aren’t cheap, I was able to justify getting them because 1) I REALLY love them, 2) they are exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, 3) they fit perfectly into our small space (because they stack), and 4) once our nursery days are over, I can very easily see these being used elsewhere in the house since they aren’t juvenile-looking; for example, I could definitely see myself re-purposing these for storing winter hats and mittens in a mud room or closet.  So we’ve ordered 2 of these (to stack one on top of the other) in white.  We were also able to save the rather hefty shipping charge by having them shipped to the store!  Score.  So next weekend we get to go pick them up, and really, I’m a little too excited about them.

So that’s the update on the nursery.  What do you think?  Have you found any creative solutions to room arrangements lately?  Do you also love Land of Nod’s storagepalooza line??


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