I mentioned in one of my last posts that we were planning to replace our corner of clutter in the nursery:

with two white “storagepalooza” bins from Land of Nod.  After pining away for these beauties for so long, I was a little nervous after we picked them up and put them together that they wouldn’t be everything I dreamed they would be.  But they really are beautiful.  And so sturdy!  I can definitely see us using these for many years to come–even past the nursery phase!

However, even with the new nursery layout, something still wasn’t right once we put the bins in place.  So, once again, DH and I tinkered with the arrangement of the room.  And now (really and seriously for real) we have found an arrangement that makes me feel at peace:

The main difference is that the bins took up less space than we thought, so they looked sort of…dinky next to the crib.  So we pulled them away from the wall just a bit and added our fun “Torna” lap from IKEA to the corner as well.  Moving the lamp meant we could push the glider a bit closer to the crib as well.  The entrance to the room now is more open because the glider is now further from the door and the side table, which doesn’t take up much visual space because it is pretty low, took the tall lamp’s position.  Plus, now there is a bit more uninterrupted floor space for playing with Sydney!

Here’s a pic of the new corner:

And were were right about these storage bins…they do make putting toys away a cinch.  I’ve seen DH on several occasions using them a bit like basketball hoops, seeing if he can toss toys in there from across the room.  Clearly he likes them too!

Here’s a wider-angle pic of the room’s re-configuration.  The room is really painfully small, so it is hard to get the full effect, but hopefully this helps.  (Again, I did take this during the day with lots of lights on, but this time of year there is almost no sun!).

And of course, here’s the corner side-by-side “before and after”, just for fun:

I think the next thing to tackle will be finally adding some fun stuff to the walls.  Or maybe the ceiling fan?  This should be fun!


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