Friend Project: C’s new bedroom reveal!

Last fall, I shared that my friend C had approached me to help her re-design the bedroom in her rental.  I was, of course, more than happy to help.  It is always fun to work on a space for a friend. You get to explore design options you may not be able to in your own home and you get to spend extra time hanging out with someone you love.  Win-win.

C wanted to take her white-walled rental bedroom:

and turn it into a classy purple-clad retreat from her very busy life.  She already had a lot of purple decor (it is her favorite color after all!), including a fun nightstand she had previously painted, but she knew the space needed major updating.  Together we created this inspiration slide for her new space:

The idea was to bring in both light and dark shades of purple, and punctuate the space with lots of white to help keep things from getting too dark.  We also wanted to keep it sophisticated and not too little-girl-y, so we went for a grayish purple on the walls, and also added a few green accents.

I was finally able to get a few pics from her of her new space.  She’s still planning to get some more artwork up on the walls, but I already love it!

In addition to the beautiful graphic duvet, she made those great pillows out of purple napkins and hand-sewn buttons, to pick up on the pattern from the duvet.  Here are the before and after pics:

And the bed again (I just love that duvet cover against the gray-purple walls!):

Thanks again C for letting me help you with your new space!


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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