Mixing neutrals?

One thing I’ve really been struggling with related to the pending re-do of our dining room and kitchen has been my reluctance to mix neutrals.  I have felt as though I need to choose between going beige or going gray.  I’ve definitely chosen beige in the living room:

but I have for some time been dying to try some gray.  I know it is a little trendier right now and not necessarily as “safe” an option, but safe hasn’t really been a huge draw for me most of the time (um…remember that paintable wallpaper in the bedroom??)!  At one point, I even came up with a plan for the living room that involved switching to gray slipcovers:

But I never could pull the trigger on that one.  Yet.

This should-I-gray-or-should-I-beige dilemma has been rather persistent mostly because I keep finding “the perfect rug/pillow/drapes” but never reliably in one neutral color family or the other.  So I’ve been stumped for awhile, and haven’t yet purchased anything for the re-do project.  If find this so strange.  Most people are paralyzed by color.  I’ve been paralyzed by neutrals!

Paralyzed, that is, until recently.  I was surfing around Pinterest the other day and saw this lovely dining area, which for me largely captured the sort of look I was trying to achieve in my new dining room:

Source: houseofturquoise.com via Gillian on Pinterest

Not only does this have most of the elements I’d like to have in the room (dark pedestal table, banquette seating, aqua walls, pear green accents) I realized upon close inspection that this room, in fact, features BOTH beige (seat cushion) and gray (accent pillows).  And it doesn’t look weird at all.  It looks lovely!  So I’ve decided to go out on a design limb and (gasp!) decide that I don’t have to choose between the two neutrals I love.  I can have it both ways.

Just hope it turns out.

Oh, and one final thing that has been on my mind ever since I posted about the dining room color scheme.  I can’t help but feel like I’ve been subtly influenced by the cover of this year’s IKEA catalog:

See any resemblance?

Not exactly the same certainly, but I can’t shake the feeling like IKEA has subliminally been sending me messages every time I’ve picked up their catalog this past year…

Let’s just hope I can turn this room into something that uses IKEA stuff, but not something that looks like it was taken directly from one of their showrooms.


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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