Finalizing nursery plans

Do you ever finish a decorating project and feel like despite all your planning something is just not quite right?  I do!  Usually I only need a small tweak here or there to fix this unsettling feeling, but for some reason it has not been so easy with the nursery.  The new layout has really helped, especially moving the crib and getting some new storage bins, as well as adding some finishing touches to the changing area, but I’ve still been struggling with finishing the room completely because something still feel not quite right in there.  This has meant that we’ve not finished putting up stuff on the walls or found a window treatment that works in the space.  The fact that we’re getting more and more daylight now, which is a huge detriment to good naps and nighttime sleep, means that DH has been bugging me to figure out what kind of shade we’re going to get for the nursery so we can buy it, install it, and keep the sunlight off our little one when we all should be sleeping.  Needless to say, the promise of more sleep has been the kick in the pants I’ve been needing to figure out the nursery.

After studying lots of pics of spaces that I really love from blogs, design magazines, catalogs, Pinterest, etc. I think I’ve finally figured out it out: the room has too much going on for such a small space.

But how to fix that?

Well, some things about the room I really can’t change, like the fact that we need to store non-nursery stuff in there.  That is just a reality of living in a small space.  So all of DH’s PhD-related books have to stay.  What I  can change though is the color scheme and the textiles.  I think one of the things that I’ve decided is that I REALLY like one of the patterns that I chose for the room, which you can see in this pic of our changing area:

And what I’ve figured out is that I really love this pattern against the light aqua-colored paint we chose for the backs of the built-ins.  But against the green on the actual nursery walls?  Not so much:

Further, even though I love green and I thought we tried this particular shade out in enough different kinds of light, it unfortunately looks a little bit glaring in certain types of light.  All this has pointed me in the direction of painting the entire nursery the same light aqua color we used on the bookcase backs.  I think this will make the room feel more cohesive. I’ve now updated the original inspiration slide/mood board for the room with my new ideas and color scheme:

Other things I have planned to complete the nursery include:

  • Swapping the current rug back into the living room and putting the fluffy shaggy one that’s there into the nursery.  Not only should this help to lighten the space, but I think it will be a nicer rug for little Sydney to play on.  It is super cushy!
  • See that brown geometric/lattice fabric on the mood board?  I pinned that recently onto my pattern obsession pinboard and completely fell in love with it–especially the idea of using it in the nursery somehow.
  • refinishing (again!) the side table so it is white to go with the rest of the furniture (it is currently the same color I plan to paint the walls!).
  • Finish deciding what to put up on the walls.  This room needs some kid-centric art!

My goal is to get this all completed before Sydney’s first birthday in June.  It is kind of a lot to take on since I’m also trying to finish the dining room/kitchen re-design during the same time, but I’m hoping my motivation–and new-found clarity–will help me reach this goal.  Wish me luck!!


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