Amazing Discovery: design your own fabric!

Once again, I feel like I’m a bit late to the party.  Does everyone else out there already know about the wonder that is Spoonflower??  I stumbled upon this amazing site a few weeks ago and I’ve had to set some serious limits for myself for how much time I allow myself to get lost in the millions of beautiful patterns and designs.

In case there are a few of you out there that don’t yet know what Spoonflower is, it is a wonderful, magical place where you can upload your own images and designs, and then order it as fabric. r me though, that’s not even the best part.  The best part is that it is also a huge marketplace of others’ work so that even if you’re not a creative design-your-own-fabric type, you can still browse an almost infinite number of designs that others have already created.  Sort of like for the fabric-obsessesed.  Having spent waaaay too much time on there lately, I can attest to there being a huge array of traditional, fresh, modern, quirky, swirly, geometric, and you-name-it designs to choose from.

Other things that make Spoonflower amazing?  The fabric isn’t printed until you order it, and there is an impressive selection of types of fabric to choose from (cotton poplin, cotton voile, cotton silk, linen, organic cotton knit, sateen, twill, etc.) so you can get the pattern you want in whichever type of fabric best suits the project you’re buying it for.  Plus, the prices are very reasonable and you can order inexpensive swatches or each if you can’t decide and want to see a few different ones in person before committing.

Which is exactly what I did.  I’ve been pinning like crazy from Spoonflower (see that pinboard full of medallion, lattice, ikat and other favorites here).  Spoonflower even has a “pin it” button right by each image!   I was very excited to order some fabric samples and decided to limit myself to 5 test swatches (when I really wanted more like 100…) for fabric ideas for our new kitchen remodel.  I was super excited when I got my first ever Spoonflower package containing these 5 swatches:

And I’m so glad that I went ahead and ordered these beauties.  Even though I love them all, they do look different in person than on a computer screen.  This way, I was able to take the swatches into my kitchen with the paint chip and make some decisions about what would be best for the curtains.  When DH and I first looked at the swatches in person, it was between the suzani-ish one on top in the middle and the ikat-ish one on the far right.  Any guesses which one won?

If you guessed the ikat-ish one on the far right, go get yourself a beer/cocktail/nap!  Yep, we’re thinking that one would look mighty fine in our soon-to-be repainted kitchen (read more about the initial remodel here).  I’m still deciding exactly what style of curtain to make with this fabric, but I”m excited to order it–and give one of the hundreds (thousands?  millions?) of Spoonflower designers some business and publicity!  Oh, and in case you also like this pattern, The Chosen Fabric can be purchased via Spoonflower here.  Happy fabric to you all!


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