A shade-y character

When I initially conceived of our new bedroom plan, I wanted the white, gray, and inky blue to be punctuated with some great texture.  Certainly installing the paintable textured wallpaper has helped achieve this to some extent:

but I’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate more ‘textural interest.’  As it has gotten sunnier this Spring, it occurred to me that we still needed some kind of shade on our bedroom window.  (In case you’re worried, no, we’re not giving our neighbors a show each night–we do have curtains in there already, seen here.)

With the weather being warmer and sunnier each day, DH and I have been talking about how it would be nice to have some shielding from the sun without completely blocking it out.  So I started doing some searching online for what options were out there that would be “light filtering” and landed on the idea of a solar shade.  I looked at some pretty nice options online from various window dressing companies (especially Smith & Nobel–I just love their catalogs!) but decided to try my luck at Lowe’s first.  Just to be safe, I brought along a pillow case from the duvet cover set and the paint swatches from the room in addition to the measurements of the window.

After a fairly quick and painless consult with the window treatment experts there we decided to order a Levelor solar shade in what I’ll call a “textured gray.”  I loved the way it seemed to pick up on both the wall colors.  It arrived less than two weeks later, although DH and I didn’t get around to installing it until just the other day.  I was nervous that it wouldn’t be easy to install or that it wouldn’t look right, but we’re very pleased with it!  (Okay, it was actually a bit difficult to install because the instructions were pretty difficult to understand, and we did it after the bean went to bed…and it is very hard to be quiet with a hammer and a power drill!)  So, without further ado, meet our new “shady character”!

I love the way it really finishes the window, adds that elusive “textural interest,” and, perhaps most importantly, is extremely functional!  The after we installed it I was in the bedroom getting ready for work and was annoyed that the sun was in my eyes, and then it occurred to me to lower the shade and in an instant the glaring morning sun was suddenly a soft glow.  Nice!

Here’s the shade all the way up:

Rolled half-way down:

And finally rolled completely down:

Have you installed any shady characters in your home lately?

2 thoughts on “A shade-y character

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