The aqua nursery is here!

We’ve finally made some real progress on my new plan for the nursery: we’ve painted!  When I last posted about the nursery, I shared this new inspiration slide/mood board for the space:

One of the biggest changes for the space was changing the wall color.  Previously, the walls were a nice green–but as you can see from this pic, the green unfortunately did not look good in all types of light–after the sun went down it took on a somewhat eerie green that never felt “right” to me:

So a large part of my plan involved continuing the color we used on the backs of the bookcases (seen below) onto the walls:

This is also the color that surrounds the newly re-designed “changing table” that we love so much (which is the other side of the built-ins):

Last weekend DH and I finally got around to re-painting the nursery, bringing that lovely light aqua color to the rest of the room…and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Here are some pics:

And one of the corner:

You can also see in these pics that we finally got around to swapping the rugs–this lovely white shag rug was previously in the living room, and the quatrefoil pattern one that had been in the nursery is back in the living room.  The shag one has been great for little Sydney to roll around on, so we’re happy to have it in the nursery.  It lightens up the space quite a bit and definitely makes it feel cozier!  You can also see in the new pics the quick blanked I made for Sydney’s new room.  It is minky fabric on one side (the patterned one) and an old sheet that is very soft on the other side.  It is great for cuddling under during story time before bed, and she just loves cuddling up to it when I set her in her crib to go to sleep.  I love the way the pattern echoes the crib sheet too!

So that’s what we’ve been up to here at the 2BB.  There’s still the issue of a new shade for the room to better keep out the light now that the days are getting longer, but unfortunately my first attempt didn’t turn out at all so I’m a bit frustrated.  Hopefully after I recover from another weekend of painting I’ll have more energy to devote to trying something else!

Any new painting projects at your house?

6 thoughts on “The aqua nursery is here!

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    • Thanks for asking! I guess I do need to update my list of paint colors! The nursery’s new light aqua color is Olympic’s “Serendipity.” Let me know if you end up painting anything with it. We love it!

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