Kitchen printables + dining room sneak peek!

As we’re furiously trying to finish up all our re-painting projects (nursery? check.  dining room? check.  kitchen…soon!) I’ve been antsy to start doing some of the actual decorating.  So I just couldn’t stop myself from putting  up my new kitchen “art” when it arrived.  Several months ago I had the idea to create a set of “printables” for the kitchen that were food-themed.  My obsession with printables is new, but I love the way the one from our changing table turned out (you can see it in the pic below–it is the nod to Queen and our love of cloth diapers…):

Ever since I had that one printed I have been looking forward to creating more!  So, I created a series of five printables for our new kitchen, even though this is more of a “finishing touch” (the kitchen isn’t even painted yet!) and put them up as soon as they arrived.  Here are the two I put up by the sink:

The bottom one is one of my favorites (“and the dish ran away with the spoon”) and I thought it was quite fitting to put it near where we wash dishes!  The other three are near the back door:

I think the bottom one here is also my favorite (“let them eat cake”).  It seems so perfect for the kitchen!

In case you’re reading this post and are wondering what the heck a printable is, I can’t give you an exact definition beyond “cute things you print our and frame.”  Sorry!  But what I can tell you is how I started to get obsessed with them: this blog post from Thrifty Decor Chick which is also a great tutorial for creating these using Picnik.  (Unfortunately Picnik is going away in about a week, so I’m hoping another genius in the blogosphere will soon figure out a new free way to create these!  If you already know of one, please clue me in!!)

The huge dining room and kitchen transformation continues, but without giving away too much, I will give you a sneak peek into the dining room’s new coat of paint, just because I think the printables go so well with everything that makes me so very happy despite the mess we have to live with in the meantime:

And lastly, I will leave you with a close-up of my favorite printable, just for good measure:

What about you?  Have you been furiously using Picnik to create printables before it goes away on 4/17?  Are you also undertaking a kitchen re-do?

2 thoughts on “Kitchen printables + dining room sneak peek!

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